Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Survival Tactix: No More Surviving.....

I feel like I HAVE to ask this. I don't know the answer to this question and it's that fact that actually bothers me. Why is it that so many fans complained about Hulk Hogan and the regime's influence on the product, but when he goes away and has been telling people he won't be back, those complaining still feel obligated to complain? Hogan's GONE, and you're STILL not happy?! Oh, I get it....it's Dixie, right? Why does that bother people, when they KNOW full well she won't be around for long? This same group of people also complained when Jeff Jarrett was champion through most of the early televised era of TNA, stating that he was "burying talents" and such. Even though that might have been true, it didn't last long before Jarrett took a more backstage role in the company, allowing for more new talents to take on the champion mantle.

What's more, the numbers aren't going up, as one might surmise would be the case from a public so sick of having Hulk Hogan's family on camera. In fact, they're actually going down slightly, which is confusing to me. I'm seeing what's coming this week, which historically speaking, has always been a bit of a down week for TNA AND WWE as we enter the Thanksgiving season, and is bound to put up some lower than normal numbers anyway. HOWEVER, coming OUT of the month, TNA has some GOOD stuff in store including a much anticipated return, which is HUGE for one of their struggling divisions right now.

Another thing on the horizon is that TNA is working towards FINALLY putting an end to an angle I've had hope for, but has let me down.....the Joseph Park/ Abyss debacle. Even as I write this, I have one hand on my head and I let out a massive sigh of frustration. How hard is it to screw up the transformation of Joseph Park? I'm being absolutely serious here. He went through a torturous experience with the Aces and Eights and somehow managed to keep his Joseph Park alter ego intact. I have no problem with that. What I DO have a problem with is that they kept teasing the transformation with Park using some of Abyss' moveset when someone made him bleed. That would have been so easy to transition out of, but they wasted virtually every segment. As far as I'm concerned, let's just get through it quickly and bring the monster back to main roster without any more delays OR find a way to separate the two into two separate entities. 

Another thing that has started to get under my skin.....what's with the hate on the whole AJ Styles storyline? Is it original? YES! While I've gone into detail on this whole thing with CM Punk, not only has Styles run with his threat and actually pushed the envelope BEYOND what Punk ever did, when he returns, we're not looking at a systematic burial. The "Action Never Ends" campaign has done a good job of chronicling the journey of Styles AND the unnerving of Dixie and, in my humble opinion, has managed to raise the stakes of the feud, if that's possible. 

This past Sunday, WWE presented Survivor Series. I've seen the highlights and I'm glad I missed the lulls as I'm told they were plentiful. In fact, during the Orton/ Big Show bout, there were "TNA" chants that broke out. Any time I hear that, it gives me some hope for the underdog. Now that WWE has teased the deathblow to one of the two top titles in a unification match between John Cena and Randy Orton, it seems clear to me that the glass ceiling just keeps getting thicker and thicker. How so? Instead of FOUR competitors vying to capture one of TWO top titles, there will only be TWO competitors in the battle for only ONE top title in the land of Vince. That means a smaller top tier, which means fewer opportunities. Let's face it, WWE's top tier is small and, if they go through with a unification of the top titles, is going to get smaller....much smaller. 

I'm not saying that WWE needs to be downsized or anything to that end, but it would appear that WWE doesn't share that assessment. With the US Title, the Intercontinental Title, the Divas Title, the World Tag Team Titles, and the two World Titles, it looks like WWE has ALREADY begun their downsizing. Once the two mid-card titles have been unified, which I would bet is coming within the next year, we'll be right back to the way things were about 20 years ago....only this time, we're looking at a division of women with far less in ring talent than when Alundra Blaze won the Women's Title in '93. 

So WHERE is all this going? While I've mentioned that TNA's numbers have taken a step down, I believe this is temporary. I'll go out on a limb and say TNA's numbers will pick back up as the finals of the World Title Tourney come to a close and a new champion is crowned. I'll even go further and guess that they'll spike again with the return of AJ Styles. WWE's numbers have also gone down, but this trend has been ongoing and has been on the same course ever since they began their PG initiative. Sure, there have been little spikes, but by and large, the numbers don't lie. 

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  1. And I can't wait. It doesn't matter if you're a TNA guy or WWE guy. A real compatition is best for all wrestling lovers.