Saturday, November 9, 2013

The American Dragon vs. WWE.....

In a column that is weighted towards TNA, some news caught my eye this morning that I found interesting. It seems that WWE is using Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) as their proverbial whipping boy, blaming low ratings on his status at or near the top of the cards and so, it appears, Bryan will be pushed down the card once again. This time, however, he may never rise up the card again, at least for WWE. For reasons baffling to many, WWE has wasted this guy in terms of his ability to work. When his strings are cut and he's allowed some freedom, Bryan Danielson is one of the best technical workers in the business today.

What's worse, it appears that this marks the end of the smaller competitors. Where TNA is taking chances by giving X Division wrestlers a chance at the top tier, WWE is scaling it back. The IWC has their own opinions concerning the American Dragon, as he was called in Ring of Honor and they, at times GREATLY differ from mine. I don't understand the scruff, the "YES!" and "NO!" persona, which is simply laughable to me, or how WWE has continuously plagued his pushes with stop and go traffic, giving him pushes for short bursts and then depushing with little to no warning. I don't understand his position in reality TV or how it has any bearing on WWE's ratings for their weekly Monday or Friday night programming.

My take on the matter is simple. He needs to cut his losses. WWE has wasted his potential as a true top tier mainstay and a regular threat to any title holder, even if his last name is Cena or Orton. In the short time span before signing with WWE, he had the option of going to TNA, but he turned it down in favor of training for WWE's slower pace. While it may have the effect of lengthening his career, it also makes the ability for fans to see a 4 star match a rare outing.

Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, Daniels, Kazarian, and a host of TNA's finest await the arrival of an American Dragon caliber performer to bolster their numbers. I sincerely doubt the pay would be the same, but if the quality of life is raised, it's tough to argue with the results. Is it possible? I have my doubts. Why? Because Vince's juggernaut is a hard act to pass up if you want to stick out on the casual wrestling landscape.

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