Saturday, December 28, 2013

Founders, Swerves, and Works.....

In a tweet just this past week, TNA founder Jeff Jarrett announced that he has resigned from the organization.

I'll let that sink in a bit.

Let's do a tally right now of the talents media outlets right now are reporting to be on the way out or unsecured in contracts.....

Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
AJ Styles

All are big names. HUGE to TNA, in fact. It almost seems like the company's about to fold in on itse--WAIT! Let's do some digging right now into the future of AJ Styles. A one night stint is coming up for him in Ring of Honor vs. Roderick Strong- two former TNA talents colliding in Ring of Honor. It sounds like a nice change of least if you're a ROH fan. But there IS something else that's come across the wire....AJ Styles' agent has been hurrying indy promoters to sign him while they can because talks between TNA and Styles broke wide open.

In regards to Jeff Jarrett, everyone is keeping VERY quiet....too quiet for me to believe there's nothing more to it. I've become increasingly suspicious of TNA's "releases" over the past two years or so. It was Devon's return as a member of the Aces and Eights that made me question everything since that time. And with Jarrett's resignation coming on the heels of the walkout by Jeff Hardy on last week's episode of Impact and the walkout of AJ Styles the week before.....I'm not buying that these recent developments aren't unrelated.

I've determined, in fact, that once TNA has gone overseas on their annual UK tour, we'll know how everything is going to pan out. If they come back and we see Jeff Hardy, my suspicions will have something to stand on, but if they return to the States and we don't see Jeff or evidence that Jeff is coming back....well....we'll see that side too.

I've been seeing one of two possible main events coming down the pike, provided that TNA's creative team shares the same vision: the first has Team Dixie vs. Team Jarrett at Lethal Lockdown while the other has a Dixie Carter-backed Magnus taking on a returning Jeff Jarrett-backed AJ Styles at Slammiversary. Any takers?

Team Dixie would consist of the Bro-mans, Spud, and EC3 and Team Jarrett would consist of Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and Sting. Under this card, I would place either Kurt Angle or Gunner against Magnus in the World Title match. In any case, only time will reveal some answers.......

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