Monday, December 2, 2013

If There Are Questions.....

Questions? I'm FULL of them. And the one that is striking me right now has to do with Ring of Honor and their alums who have been snatched up by WWE of recent. Of all the former recruits of Ring of Honor past and present, WWE has 4. Tyler Black, Claudio Castagnoli, CM Punk, and Bryan Danielson. Recently, however, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards have entered the WWE Performance Center, though the duration remains to be seen. Their admittance comes on the heels of the intercession by William Regal on their behalf to Triple H, who had all but dismissed a second viewing from them.

So that COULD make 6, but Edwards and Richards have yet to be signed even to developmental. If this is of any consequence, TNA's numbers include 7 former alumni from Ring of Honor past. Keep in mind that Ring of Honor had a great deal to do with the success of TNA in general as they shared talents one with the other. In fact, more than 15 Ring of Honor alums have walked into a TNA ring at one point or another, and those numbers don't include former Knockouts like Mickie James, Taeler Hendrix, Traci Brooks, Trinity, and Becky Bayless (Cookie, the former valet for Robbie E.).

I find myself wondering how Ring of Honor fits into the grand scheme of pro wrestling as a spectacle; whether they would assimilate into a larger organization like WWE OR if they would sign a cooperative with a smaller promotion like TNA that would allow the sharing of talents and the potentially mutual benefit of cross promoting as a partner. In MY mind, a cooperative between TNA and Ring of Honor would be an exciting time in pro wrestling as it would put an end to the monopoly by giving talents more say in how they want to present their personas from one product to the other.

So does TNA have a chance at beckoning ROH stars to the second largest televised professional wrestling product to their brand if a cooperative isn't possible? I'd like to think so, but in all fairness, there really is no way to know conclusively until those chasms are created. In the history between the two organizations, somewhere along the lines, a rift was formed and so politically speaking, there might take some sorting of old baggage before forward progress can be done, but if there is cooperation on BOTH sides of the table, I think a deal could be pounded out and be worth its weight in gold for each, securing a better paycheck for performers in BOTH promotions.

I spent a great deal of time delving into WWE's opinions concerning ROH AND other independent promotions. Even as the distant third place promotion as Ring of Honor is, WWE still views them as an indy fed. Bearing in mind, however, that WWE's censoring of language, vices, and lifestyles of the performers and the personas they become is as strict in adherence as the travel schedule they keep, it stands to ask which looks better as a performer of principle. Do you go where the lifestyle could potentially remove the joy for the craft or do you go to a fed with a bit of a smaller paycheck and more freedom to exert your persona to its full potential?

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