Saturday, January 11, 2014

Conspiracy 365: Waiting + Screwjob + Contracts= X

This is where we do what I love.....Find the value of X. After watching last week's episode of Impact, a few things were very glaring to me.

1. Several top stars on the roster are now talking about their contracts. Kurt Angle reveals that his is up in August; Sting's is up within the next month or so; Jeff Hardy's contract allegedly has come up in the past week or two; and others have come up on news sites the web over.

2. Jeff Jarrett HAD been teasing news about his new venture, but now he has to "wait until a few things finalize" before making the reveal. With the next LIVE Impact broadcast being in a few short days, doesn't that seem a bit odd?

3. James Storm, in an interview just last week called the loss of Jarrett "the worst thing that could happen to TNA right now." Think back to the return of Devon. in the weeks before, Hulk Hogan called the "loss" of Devon one of the biggest losses TNA suffered at the time, but a few short weeks later, here he comes as the first member revealed of the Aces and Eights.

4. AJ Styles has indy dates and ROH appearances set all the way until April....All the way up until 2012, Lockdown was ALWAYS in April. Coincidence? Perhaps, but with negotiations being ongoing, there's really no way to tell....

5. Genesis has now been announced to take place over 2 straight weeks; January 16 and the 23rd. Strange? I think so. Considering this has never been done before by TNA, this year marks a FEW new things, so I'm finding.

6. Concerning the footage of the aftermath shown on YouTube: AJ is shown greeting fans and signing items at ringside near the ramp before leaving the Impact Zone.....what about the farewell speech? That footage of AJ Styles giving a emotional farewell is conveniently absent from the official channel. Simple critical thinking would respond that it was just to cover up that there are ongoing negotiations to renew his contract, but even so, that doesn't COMPLETELY rule out the possibility that this whole ordeal is a ruse to guard the potential for a new investor to come in and hail the return of the founder, Jeff Jarrett.

7. Since absolutely NO details are known with certainty about the negotiations between Jeff Jarrett, Toby Keith, and TNA's top officials, it seems premature to label the reports on the many news outlets as anything more than rumor. That said, the "rumor" was that the top potential buyer wanted COMPLETE control of the company; 100 percent....the whole thing. If the whole story is to be known, we might as well reveal ALL of it, right?

8. Dixie Carter called together some of the executive staff in Nashville to discuss the future moving forward. When asked about the Jeff Jarrett situation, Carter called it a "business decision" and did not elaborate. Weird?

As many as 4 years ago, the Carter family began sending feelers out to potential buyers for the TNA brand, but it was only to relieve the financial burden TNA has been on the money bags of Panda Energy. Now, there were conditions to these "feelers".

a. Any buyers could not have ties to the McMahons, thus creating an even more complete monopoly in the mainstream wrestling marketplace.

b. Any offers to buy the entire thing would be denied. The Carters, as half hearted as they were with the Hulk Hogan/ Bischoff regime from day one, still want to make a profit from as many avenues as possible. SO, IF TNA was able to turn a large profit one day, they don't want to be cut out from that kind of profit, especially since they've invested so much to get the project off the ground to begin with.

A number of potential buyers came around TNA headquarters, whose names have been kept a carefully guarded secret. The most recent news was that Toby Keith was one of the perspective buyers, provided that he was able to make purchase at a decent price, but beyond that......nothing. It was speculated that if Keith made purchase, Jarrett would come as a part of the deal as a full time consultant or manager.

So what is this all about? What is the value of X? One thing Eric Bischoff brought to the table as a member of the team was valuable information concerning how to throw the mainstream viewing public off the trail of secrets. Think about this: a couple of weeks back, the Feast or Fired cases were opened on camera. In the original cut, Ethan Carter had pulled the Fired case, but when it was aired on TV, Chavo was given the boot. With Jeff Hardy's absence explained on the UK tour this year, it's still not known whether or not he'll make his return after. With Sting still slated to travel along with the crew on the tour, it will be up to him to keep the storyline concerning Magnus moving.

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  1. This is why I love your posts, the speculations and everything you say MAKES SENSE. I can't help but think this is a work/shoot, and wouldn't it be also great if, as is known, when JJ returned they went back on the road and we know that NO taping dates are confirmed after March this year. Imagine this, Lockdown in April, back on the road, new owner.............sound good?