Thursday, January 16, 2014

Could It Be?

So Genesis is playing on TV tonight and I'm not terribly interested in much happening and then I see the segment in which the American Wolves of Ring of Honor fame is talking with Dixie Carter and, if that weren't surreal enough, they've been signed by a "new investor". Dixie is scrambling to find out who the mystery party could be.

So minus the champagne, it looks like we might be seeing everything I've been hoping for coming to light beginning in Genesis. Could this be the beginning of the rise of the founder? Say what you want about the predictions, but the signing of the Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards is HUGE for TNA's floundering Tag Team Division right now. Toss in the fact that there are only four teams vying for the belts and one team goes to war next week internally and you have three and two of those are heel teams, making a noticeable gap in the heel to face ratio.

Sting goes to battle once again with his career on the line next week. Since Sting is no longer made mention of on the tour roster, does that mean he loses next week and, as a result, misses this year's UK tour?

Another thing occurred to me as I was watching Genesis....once TNA comes back to the States from their tour in Europe, they have no immediate plans....but Jeff Jarrett has been in Los Angeles this week with concerning business with his new venture. Could he be solidifying another semi-permanent home for TNA to broadcast from? How about lining up more of the talents Dixie has been touting are coming this year? Could it be Toby Keith who signed the American Wolves to their contracts?

Another scenario I've been kicking around goes like this:

Sting loses next week, but shows up on the UK tour anyway, claiming he signed an ironclad contract that gives him executive immunity, meaning that only the new investor has authority to terminate his contract. I get the impression that despite what some of the UK fans would want, TNA will still want to have Magnus as the World Title holder going into the tour. Why? I think that is two-fold. First, this is the first time in memory that the the fan's countryman in the World Champion and coming overseas with the strap around his waist marks a special day in the history of professional wrestling. Secondly, the larger audience gets the treat of being told who the mystery investor actually is. I doubt Genesis will be the time or the place to reveal that detail, but once they get in front of a larger crowd in the UK, it MIGHT be the best time to make the revelation made known and gain TNA the kind of talk and rumblings they've been working towards.

So once the Stinger returns after two weeks' absence, he starts to make references that indicate that the investor isn't just one person, but a band of old friends. Who could they be?

If I had MY way, I'd reveal the obvious one first....Jeff Jarrett. Next, I'd go with Toby Keith. And then, in colossal form, I'd complete TNA's announce team with a man who hasn't worked alongside Taz for a few years and with Tenay for over 20.....Jim Ross. Believe it or not, I've heard J.R's name brought into this conversation more than once this week without any confirmation or denial.

So could it be?


  1. I still wish to see Hulk back. He had it especially rough since the divorce and his sons wreck. Too many of us still wish he has a role in TNAs future. Some of his old friends would be a welcome sight for me as well.

  2. Love your blog so much, would be nice to have you on Facebook!