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How rude could I be? I mean, giving you all pictures of the two ladies potentially joining the Knockouts Division and not giving the proper introductions? Where are MY manners, right? Well, I suppose you're all right. My apologies. Allow me to introduce.....

Santana Garrett......(pictured left two posts ago)

Santana Garrett makes her way from one of the professional women's wrestling gold mines, SHINE, whose accolades reads almost like a top to bottom from PWI's Top 50 list. At number 45 on PWI's list from 2013, she's been decorated with more gold than a Christmas tree, having captured titles in 6 separate promotions thusfar and currently defending titles in 4. Unfortunately for fans of the UK, Garrett won't be making her acquaintance until after the tour of the UK has run its course.

Shanna, the "Perfect Athlete" (pictured right)

Currently defending two titles for two separate entities, Shanna, though unranked in the top 50, could very easily make her mark quickly as a member of the more high profile Knockouts Division. She'll join TNA's UK tour and, if conditions play out according to potential, could find herself a more permanent spot on the roster.

So let's count the Knockouts......

Velvet Sky
Madison Rayne
Gail Kim
Lei'D Tapa
Brooke Tessmacher
Taryn Tarrell

That makes 9 if TNA signs both. Can anyone tell me when the last time TNA had 9 active Knockouts on their roster? 2008, for those of you who were wondering. Adding in just two names puts TNA back in the driver's seat in terms of serious female competitors. Where Mickie James and Tara were veterans whose contracts were entirely too open-ended to make their loyalty to the company water-tight, this collection of professionals has been loyal to the brand for quite some time and I foresee that to remain so.

Moving on, yesterday I wanted to surmise which in TNA's roster could remove the World Title from Magnus, but didn't get around to it, so I'd like to take a shot in the dark and make a couple of comments to that end.

First, I'd like to give the most obvious answer and say Bobby Roode. It's been quite a while now since his landmark first run with the World Heavyweight Title and I'd say they're planning things to run that way, but the question for HIM is when. If my assessment of the situation is accurate, the establishment is going to run aground sooner than later and if they want to have any chance at all of even sitting at level ground, they NEED to make this week's revelation worthwhile, otherwise we're going to be looking at a tough year. So how does this relate to Roode? I'm glad you asked, because the current state of TNA depends upon the statuses of AJ Styles and Sting.

The rumors are getting stronger and more pronounced now that Sting might be heading up north by as soon as a couple of weeks. The stress WWE is under to make this happen NOW is extreme, to say the least as we're coming into a pivotal point in the WWE yearly programming roadmap. Let's be perfectly clear, WWE has NO and I repeat NO plans of doing Sting vs. Undertaker this year. The current plans feature Brock Lesnar taking on Taker this year and they are adamant concerning this, or so I'm told. The impression I've been getting is that if Sting WERE ever going to make a run in WWE, at 54, now is the time. My personal opinions aside, this is a disaster waiting to happen. Why? The reason is simple....how do you give the last remnant of WCW a PROPER send-off without burying his legacy in the process? I'll answer THAT question next time, but suffice it to say that TNA will NEED some kind of answer to WWE's treatment of the Sting situation provided anything is signed into stone.

Likewise, AJ Styles has grown comfortable with his dates with Ring of Honor, going back to his roots, which is bad news for TNA, but if the rumors are true that TNA is FINALLY rolling out the carpet for him to make his return, this gives the ultimate foil for the Magnus agenda, leading to a Bound for Glory bout between him and Bobby Roode, making a huge payoff for a feud between the two. Bobby Roode is a heel, through and through, as far as I'm concerned and could solidify a legacy based on that fact, regardless of which role he's being put in, much like Ric Flair in the days of old.

Another idea I've been seeing possibilities in is Mr. Anderson. Once his program is over with Bully Ray, he'll need a place to put his mouth to work, why not the top tier once more? If TNA is able to give him a more interesting platform from which to work, I think a feud between Magnus and Anderson would work quite well.

Yet another idea is Samoa Joe. This is the one most fans, including me, are rooting for. Former tag partners facing off in a grudge match for the title would be an epic conclusion and a GREAT way to put Joe back on top again. The IWC has always thrown support for Joe, but TNA in the past 5 or 6 years, has CONSTANTLY misused him as an enhancement talent rather than a top tier seller, like he SHOULD be. If any year is his year, this might be it down the line.

Lastly, and, in my opinion, most likely is Kurt Angle. Now that his Hall of Fame induction is imminent, it seems only fitting to ice it off with a final run with the World Title. His contract is up in August, according to a recent interview and he is completely up in the air as to who he'll sign with, but if he leaves TNA for a final run in WWE as rumored, it seems more likely he'll re-sign if he's given the belt of champions as a way to cap off his possible farewell tour as well.

The long and short of things is this: unless Toby Keith and Jeff Jarrett AREN'T the buyers of TNA, we could be in for a rough go of things and this may end VERY badly, but if Jarrett IS the white knight investor TNA needs right now, the future is VERY bright. Toss the dice, folks and hope for the best.

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