Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jeff Jarrett's New Endeavor.....

With TNA's Impact Zone on hiatus, their Spike TV deal going now until this fall and negotiations having fallen through thusfar with some of their talents, I only have two pieces of hope to cling to at this point in the game.

1. TNA has secured a multi-year deal with Challenge in the UK, meaning that that portion of the world will still be able to enjoy TNA programming. I will say that TNA will have to work very hard to secure a domestic deal with Comcast or renew their deal with Spike in order to maintain their place in the domestic marketplace.

2. Now that MOST of the air is clear, Jeff Jarrett has been VERY quiet about his new "venture" with country star Toby Keith. Jarrett has deleted all references to TNA from his Twitter account and every  other social outlet he is currently using now that he has been free for a few days from his contractual obligations to TNA Wrestling. His saying that the venture will shock everyone makes me wonder.....what if?

What if Jarrett and Toby Keith, in a massive social media undertaking, swerved the entire wrestling world and bought TNA Wrestling out from under Dixie Carter? Jeff Jarrett will NEED a decent platform to build on IF a federation is going to stand. TNA, even as damaged as it is, is STILL the second place promotion in the land AND if he and Keith were to take over the reins from Dixie, virtually any and all former fans of TNA before the Carter era would undoubtedly return and TNA's numbers would hike just from the announcement alone. Now, having said that, do I believe those numbers would be lasting? If creative was one board with the process; talents were included in the undertaking; AND if it culminated as a cut off point to something already going on, this could CREATE new viewers. How about THAT? If Dixie were making her announcements concerning major acquisitions or about her domination sweeping the nation or whatever she's saying at the time and THEN she was interrupted by Jarrett saying that her little game is over because while she was playing with her parents' money, he was planning for the future and that the NEW owner of TNA Wrestling would be there shortly to make his presence felt. That moment, I think, would be the most important move TNA has made in their ENTIRE 12 year campaign. So when will we know?

I have a guess. IF Jarrett and Toby Keith HAVE bought TNA, we'll know on the very first Impact LIVE on the 16th of this month. That means one more week of waiting for TNA's Genesis PPV. Since there are a few more details, as I'm told, to work out, a changing of hands would require a fair amount of time to orchestrate. Genesis, historically, has been a good time for TNA to roll out special acquisitions, announcements, and surprises.

SO here's hoping! Here's to possibilities......

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