Friday, January 31, 2014


MVP. Interesting. I had heard he was in discussions and that he'd be debuting in TNA, but as the investor....I wonder if this story goes deeper than meets the eye.

MVP being the mystery investor brings a couple of questions to mind.

1. Who joins up with MVP to rally the troops, as it were?
2. Do more players sign?

TNA officials are slating this little back and forth battle to last until Bound for Glory, meaning that a few twists and turns will have to crop up.

3. With CM Punk under a no-compete clause until roughly April, does HE join up with TNA now that he's done with WWE from all indications? CM Punk is the single hottest free agent out there at the moment, aside from AJ Styles, at least and that makes both men EXTREMELY valuable. It's been said that Punk has been careful with his money and that could mean he'd potentially take a deal that guaranteed the highest profile and platform combining with his ability to deliver in ring and on the microphone while under the pay he was used to making under Vince's eye.

4. Does Jeff Hardy return now that a new face has come into view to combat the inequality being played out on screen once the UK tour is over?

Well, Magnus now has Samoa Joe to contend with, just as it should be....and, I might add, one of the 5 picks on my list of potentials to take the strap from Magnus. This storyline has swerve written all over it, mostly because of the timing of everything and where it all appears to be heading from my perspective.

First, MVP as the final investor seems too flimsy, not that his performance of the role will reflect that, but I think most people would agree that in terms of storyline, him as the final piece of the puzzle feels somewhat incomplete. If a twist were to happen, I would place that twist at Lockdown, where a team that includes MVP faces off against Dixie's cronies. If I were writing this thing, the heels would win, only for MVP to disclose that the investments weren't made by him personally, but by a conglomeration of three investors of which he was only one.

TNA has a million ways of making this into a great story, but they have to use the players on the team to get the job done.

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