Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rise or Fall?

The forums and news sites are amass with columnists who are calling the reports of a gathering of financial contributors and partners aligning with Jeff Jarrett a "death bell" for TNA. I'll admit, the reports have been compelling, even somewhat alarming, but the facts are facts and I've come to a different conclusion and until that assessment is either confirmed or denied, I don't see this as any kind of funeral march, but rather a game changer.

If Dixie and the powers that be at the very top of the totem WERE to have part in this and were wanting a stage upon which to announce this changing of hands, what would be the best way to go about it? WCW was bought by Ted Turner and his conglomeration of networks and those channels eventually built an empire that nearly toppled WWF, at the time.....but this situation is over 20 years removed from the business landscape and most of the current wrestling audience never saw the influence the Monday Night Wars had on the WWF of the day. So I want to send out a question into the void and see if there is a way to answer it. How do you go about demanding the attention of an entire wrestling world in the current climate of glint and glitter, especially during the hot spot on WWE's power grid?

I have a checklist that would be where I would work in making the shroud as seamless as possible.....

1. Establish the lead. If a plan of this scale is going to work and the reins are, indeed, going to switch hands, the people in power are going to want to know that the venture will succeed by establishing a network of financial contributors who will be able to front the capital at least on the short term. In this case, it makes sense to establish someone as the point man, who has the connections and is able to attract the kind of investors that will promise a return on the investment.

2. Conduct business as usual. If you want shock value, you CAN'T get it by easing into a new political structure. The establishment, or the current powers that be, need to maintain airs that everything is moving according to the day to day grind, all while moving a storyline that accommodates a climate of change.

3. Remove the lead. The point man, in this case Jarrett, needed to be free to conduct the work of the business without the constraints of working the day to day grind. That kind of freedom HAS to be outside of the company's scope in order to give the illusion of a complete break. Erasing ties through social media is a good start as it makes for punctuation to the story as a whole.

4. Leak. The IWC is FILLED, and I mean FILLED with all kinds of reports and reports of reports of wrestlers comings and goings. MVP is reported to be signed with TNA, which he denies and will continue to do so until such time as his presence is seen on screen. You need to manipulate the media and attract signings and acquisitions and releases to the forefront and give the impression that a completely new entity could rise up and overtake the establishment.

5. Promise change. Dixie has been running this pattern to establish that big things are coming, new stories, new characters, etc. If you are going hide, sometimes the best place to be is right out in the plain sight for all to see. Tweets from Janice Carter and Dixie stating that they are resolute to the future of TNA Wrestling only means that they will ensure that whatever party ends up buying in is going to keep the establishment and influence moving.

6. Network. TNA has done more networking with outside promotions in the past 9 months than they have in the 4 years prior. Why? Scouting? Promoting a talent exchange to get their rep up like in the territory days of old? I propose doing both. In establishing dialogues with local and international feds, TNA is making good in routes moving into this new era.

7. Establish the launch lineup. These are the talents who would return once the changing of hands is done. TNA has been doing the foreshadowing of this change coming, but could it be simply localized as it relates to the show or does it give clues to where the company is headed as a whole? By blurring the lines between reality and fiction, TNA is making it nearly impossible to know who's telling the truth and who's just biding their time.

8. Wait until the best time. Discussion has stopped concerning Jarrett's new project, but not before making it clear that he has financial powerhouses who are willing to jump in and help bear the burden for the sake of the cause. This announcement has to happen when it will do the most good....after April 6, not when the eyes of the wrestling world are still locked in on Wrestlemania.

Think strategy. Does it work? Since we have no way of knowing anything for sure at the moment, it seems as good an idea as any to sit back and watch and wait.

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