Monday, January 27, 2014

Rumbles, Investors, and the Rest.....

*SIGH* Where do I begin? Do I begin with the Royal Rumble last night? TNA's newest acquisitions via the mystery investor? How about the rumor that Sting has signed some kind of deal with Vince and company? Where do I begin, folks?

At the risk of being confrontational, I think I'll start with Sting. Every year, the rumors swirl and every year, it turns out false, why would this year be any different? Truthfully, to me, it makes little difference to the state of TNA. Does this mean TNA is dead? I don't think so. I DO, however, believe that IF the rumors are true, once The Undertaker finally shows up on WWE TV, "The Icon" will shortly follow....assuming that WWE wants to cater to the wishes of the WWE Universe they arrogantly claim to listen to, but don't. In my humble opinion, I think Sting enjoys his tenure and the schedule TNA employs. Not only so, but the current tour of the UK that begins as soon as this week holds special meaning to TNA's current investor storyline. Not having Sting on the tour would be a real shame as his presence usually is a decent draw to the events there and his merchandise sells reasonably well to boot. That notwithstanding or related to the subject at hand, I digress. Yes, there are rumors, but I won't buy in unless I see the evidence on YouTube firsthand.

As for the Rumble? Me weighing in on the (not so) Royal Rumble last night seems like a bit of rehash of all the things being stated on the forums....except for one thing. WWE is trolling you, people. The forums are avast with people outraged with Batista's Rumble victory when Roman Reigns eliminated nearly half the playing field all by himself, breaking the previous record set by Kane. While the masses were very vocal about Daniel Bryan's exclusion from the Rumble match itself, plans have been set in motion to push Bryan to the forefront of WWE TV at least until Wrestlemania, but the extent of how profile his Wrestlemania match will be remains to be seen. My response? Eh. I simply can no longer get behind the promises of WWE to keep their word in the long term. I expect a short term push, but a long term burial.

Now on to what I'd REALLY like to talk about.....the mystery investor's newest recruit. You all remember him....Montel Vontavius Porter. You can repackage him, but it's the same guy and he's been overseas up until this coming episode Thursday or shortly following. As an added bonus, TNA is giving the Knockouts Division a bit of a nitrous boost by adding a couple of new faces in the coming weeks. Hopefully, we'll get to see these ladies put some steps towards the glory here's a couple of snapshots to get you folks hyped.....

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