Tuesday, January 14, 2014

T Minus X.....

I wrote in the previous post about the potential of a Toby Keith/ Jeff Jarrett coup, taking back TNA from the hands (and pocketbooks) of the Carter family. What still remains a mystery is IF and WHEN as it relates to that question. Reports are circulating that TNA plans to TAPE the second weeks' worth of Genesis festivities Thursday. IF the coup is to be revealed, it would HAVE to happen within the confines of Thursday's events LIVE in order to make the most noise going into their annual UK tour and bolster even higher numbers there. As always, the fine folks in the UK give a tremendous welcome to the TNA cast and crew and it makes the show look that much better for the viewers domestically.

I DO have an idea to pitch as the introduction to everything changing hands......

Picture Dixie lavishing her entourage, including the World Champion with expensive gifts and then that night, with on bottle of champagne to celebrate, her TNA expense card is rejected. Upon checking the funds available, she finds that the funds have been moved from that account into a brand new one, locking her out of the company slush.

The following week, Sting cuts a promo about her using TNA as her own personal piggy bank, cutting checks and cashing out wherever she pleased, but that those days are over. As per usual, Sting gets to be the harbinger or herald to the return of the Founder. In the final minutes of Genesis, an altered voice comes over the speakers as the lights are out on the stage. A dark figure is standing on the stage with a microphone. As he cuts his own promo concerning the plan to cut her out of a deal that was 3 years in the making, the lights remain on in the ring, focused squarely on the Dixieland entourage.

In the closing statement of the promo, he says: I'm sure you're wondering who could cut you out without your knowledge, but the fact of the matter is, you already know....because I...I...I built this company, from the ground up. And as the last sentence comes out, the alteration of the voice fades out and the crystal clear voice of Jeff Jarrett rings into the arena as the crowd pops like crazy and the lights turn to reveal the founder on stage with his business partner.

Dixie's battle to retake the company only lasts for two months as Jeff Hardy returns to action once TNA comes back to American soil. When the final battleground is set to break at Lockdown, a Lethal Lockdown match is set to feature some big returns, including a mystery opponent for Magnus for the World Title, where AJ Styles returns to a HUGE ovation.

Sounds kinda nice, doesn't it? If TNA played it like THIS, you can bet people will tune back in.

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