Saturday, January 4, 2014

There Was A Time.....

Folks, my time here is uncertain and by now, some of you know why.

Jeff Jarrett has resigned from any capacity outside of being a shareholder. Whether he decides to sell his shares back remains to be seen or if he'll simply use them to siphon money from the profits, provided the profits continue to roll in.

AJ Styles is now working with Ring of Honor. There is no word just yet as to whether his contract is long or short term. In his most recent interview, he's broken ties with TNA and there's no way of knowing just how long he'll be away or IF he'll return to TNA.

Jeff Hardy's departure might be for real and I have no idea whether or not it is. From what I've heard, his contract allowed for a renewal leading all the way into 2015, but I have no idea if that option was picked up or not.

TNA has not been able to secure a short or long term deal with Universal Studios for the time once they return from the UK on their road tour. That means that once TNA returns, they have no place to go as of yet.

I, for one, am in a state of shock and all the times I defended the product over the past few years now seems a bit like wasted time. Did I waste my time trying to see the best in a product I've seen change so much?

Are these the death bells for TNA? From everything I've been reading, Spike TV is still dedicated to their contract through 2015, so at least this year is secure for programming, but where the dispute comes into play is the venue from which Impact will broadcast and whether or not Dixie Carter and TNA upper management is willing to work with the former TNA rally maker, Jeff Jarrett.

So with pride broken and uncertain direction for this blog, I wait for the curtain, hoping for the best and until news comes forth, this writer will remain silent......

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