Sunday, February 16, 2014

100 More.....

If I could run a roster split storyline, dividing TNA in half, how many talents would need to be recruited and who would be in that number?

Right now, TNA is down to 36 performers, folks. a best case scenario, we're looking at 18 members on each side from the current roster, UNLESS TNA West determines to raise up a brand new roster from scratch, which it looks might be the case. That said, I've been scouring the net and the free agent pool and have put together, in my opinion, the best roster split that could be done.

NOTE: I have put Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy as special attractions and, as such, placed them on opposite rosters. This being said, there's NO reason to suspect that Angle OR Hardy will stick around once their contracts run out and Angle is a virtual lock for bolting this fall.

With ANY further ado, I think I've made a respectable roster size and consistency....

Each roster should consist of 40-45 talents apiece. Of those talents, I believe a top tier should consist of 5 or 6 performers actively pursuing the World Title or in the hunt. Beyond that I like about a 10 Knockout ratio. In addition to that I think a 5 team Tag Division and that leaves 10 performers for a strong X Division. But that leaves 4 spots open doesn't it? Yes, but if you cut out special attractions like Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle and Abyss, it only leaves 2, maybe only one.....but that's where a bit of flex could be healthy. As for how I would split the current roster up? I think it best to make splits where oversaturation of matches between certain performers comes into play. That means we need to get past feuds like Roode vs. Storm and Joe vs. Angle and even Styles vs. Daniels, even though every one of these are amazing match ups with plenty of history to draw from. That said, I say let's work this out....


Samoa Joe
Bobby Roode
Jeff Hardy
Bully Ray
Chris Sabin


AJ Styles
Kurt Angle
James Storm
Austin Aries
Mr. Anderson

So far, this creates some brand new feuds and others that could find some traction. Now that we've created a decent top tier on each side, let's have a look at the Knockouts Divisions.


Madison Rayne
Gail Kim
Santana Garrett


Velvet Sky
Alpha Female
Lei'D Tapa
Taryn Tarrell

Shanna and Garrett have yet to make a televised debut, but I believe these five per side would make for a solid beginning for each coast's roster with five more spots to fill on each side. In the next post, I would like to delve into how I would construct the X Division for each side, along with put AND give a strategy for how to organize this into a neat and tidy organization. In the meantime, I'm going to state, for the record, that I believe it would be wise to recruit 20-25 talents per roster from outside sources....and THAT is where this post is TO BE CONTINUED.......

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