Saturday, February 22, 2014

Does it Never End?

WWE has not kept their plans a secret on this one, peeps. APPARENTLY, Hulk Hogan is coming back for Wrestlemania 30. And you know what? That's just fine with me. You know what else? The same people who criticized him for putting himself ahead of younger talents in TNA will be cheering for him in his triumphant return in AT LEAST one lengthy segment while one of WWE's undercard guys languishing on the bench has to wait his turn for a little two bit match lasting half as long.

I'm so glad they didn't do the same thing when Ric Flair returned....wait...they did for HIM too. Well, at least they didn't welcome Christian back with open arms, I mean after all, he betrayed WWE by going to their much smaller competitor....nope...they welcomed HIM back as well. Well, I'm sure they didn't cheer RVD when he came back....umm....yep they did. Am I making this clear yet?

There is simply no logic to explain this. NONE. People who claim loyalty to WWE are more guilty than most of this, but even TNA loyalists are guilty. When Kid Kash and Kazarian rejoined TNA after their stints in WWE respectively, TNA fans welcomed them back with open arms. Same with others who allegedly supported the TNA cause.

This isn't a rant as much as it might seem so. I'm GLAD to see Hogan gone. I wasn't always, but when a person who called TNA "home" and then does the same to WWE is not the kind of guy I trust with the well-being of a business of any kind. They'll welcome Sting to the WWE, but they claimed he was too old to be effective in TNA. They'll give him a ticker tape parade, but they cast stones when he held out as long as he did, in favor of a smaller entity trying to get its footing....


Oh least we've got Lockdown coming in a few weeks....which reminds me....

The more I see of what is coming for Jarrett's project, the more I'm not convinced of the "new"ness of it. I just have this feeling that what's coming may have steps, but it has more to do with TNA than has been let on. In the end, TNA's sale will revolve around dollars and cents and there is no other buyer out there with the kind of leverage on the brand that Jarrett has. Period. With each vignette and promo they run, my mind goes back in time to 2010, when Jarrett and Eric Young were on camera for an interview and he said that a battle would be coming that people may not know about yet. Somehow, I get the feeling we're looking at it right now.

Add to that the freeze on the bookings of TNA's poster child, AJ Styles, who has been in ongoing negotiations for a contract; the filling out of the roster (where is the extra capital coming from?).....I say give this a couple of weeks and we'll see how this goes down. If MVP and his team WIN the match at Lockdown, I may change my views, but if they LOSE and MVP makes the revelation that he's not the only investor in this company, I think we have something to talk about concerning the on camera return of Jarrett to TNA with NO strings attached. What bearing does THIS have on the state of TNA? We CAN talk about that with some assurances.

1. WRESTLE-1 negotiated with Jeff Jarrett, NOT Dixie Carter and was willing to pull the plug if, as was rumored, that Vince Russo has made a creative team return to TNA. That said, it's been stated that the Japanese fed would have also pulled out had Jarrett not been a part of TNA in some capacity.

2. During the time of AJ Style's reign as World Champion in the time before his departure, Jarrett was in the middle of doing some promotional work (a.k.a. talent exchange negotiations and interpromotional branding) in the name of fostering relationships with AAA, CMLL, Wrestle-1, and other feds to even find talents for Styles to defend the title against. In his most recent teaser promo, he discusses AAA and other Mexican feds in his step by step plan.

3. Dixie makes promises that range from new stories to new characters to what she calls a "NEW ERA"....anyone can guess what an intercontinental TNA would do to the brand. If bringing back old staples like the "All Cage Match Lockdown" format, the way we're seeing it now and the 6 sided ring, I can see no other direction but up for the brand.

The point I'm making here is that there's more to this than meets the eye and the timing makes it ripe for the picking by the time Bound for Glory comes back around this year.

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  1. I think mvp will the lethal lockdown match. Roude will have something in his contract that garantees the 10% win or lose abd gives it to mvp.

    When mvp first went to dixie about the lethal lockdown match he said afterwards she would be surprised who ran tna. I think this will be the return of jeff jarertt