Thursday, February 20, 2014

Free Agents....Part 2: The Tag Team Division

This division is one that HAS to be treated with some assemblance of caution. Why? Because a tag team depends so much on chemistry and with that, cohesiveness of their look together. That said, I've put together a few fantasy teams that, in my mind would have the cohesive LOOK, but would have to be actually put together to see how well they gel in ring.....

1. Tyler Reks and Christian York- I've brought up this fantasy team before when York won his TNA contract via the Gut Check. Dreadlocks, ink, and a potential menacing ring presence could make this team something special.

2. Willow and Samuel Shaw- First thing's first....before anyone rolls their eyes, let's take this apart and look at it. Samuel Shaw's character is psychotic, which is good, when played under a slow burn. If we were to provide Shaw with a character to push him over the edge into something more sinister, he could eventually move into something FAR bigger and better in the long run. Willow's ranting and raving could be the thing to do just that, provided Jeff Hardy is taken from the main event to make this happen.

3. LAX- Homicide and Hernandez are, arguably, among the best tandems in TNA history, largely due to how versatile each were to the whole. Bringing back the tandem would give something back to the company.....credibility to the Division.

4. Matt Sydal and Paul London- WWE has yet to release Evan Bourne from the roster, but I say give it time. They will. Once he's reached the free market, I say snap him up and back into the TNA fold and welcome London in as well. There was a time when London pissed off the higher ups in the locker room, but I hope that was simply youthful indiscretion and that water is under the bridge. This pairing would be epic as the two could light up the ring with their acrobatics AND ability to work a tandem already under their belts.

5. Garett Bischoff and EC3- With both men as privileged members of wrestling families, at least from a storyline perspective, this would give Bischoff something to do AND it would give Ethan some time to build up some street credibility. While neither of these men are free agents, none were on either roster I put together.

6. Chris Masters and Cliff Compton- Both men were under masks during the Aces and Eights invasion angle, but were never revealed to be members. Putting the two together would have to establish something in common, but if both came off as bruisers and scrappers, I doubt it should be any problem setting them apart from the pack as contenders.

X Factor- Motor City Machine Guns- This possible reunion depends upon two things. First, it depends on Alex Shelley wanting to make a return to the company. Second, it would require Chris Sabin to come from wherever he is on the card back into the Tag Team Division. SO, if those two problems are solved, I say bring back the tandem and put them against the best the industry has to offer.

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