Monday, February 24, 2014

Free Agents....Part 3: Knockouts

This subject, in particular, is a tough topic for me to talk about for a couple of reasons. On the one hand, TNA has had some of the best women wrestlers in the world under their employ over the years, but they've also created some the world's biggest mistakes as it relates to those very women. For example, their repeated mistreatment of Nikki Roxx and Angelina Love created a distrust in them towards the brand to the point where both ladies make respective vows to never return. SOMEONE has made a very clear error if a Knockout has that to say about TNA. Daffney is another example of the darker side of TNA, a lady who did what she was told in a high risk spot and then faced the medical backlash alone. That said, it urges me to approach these free agents with caution, that they would know precisely what they're walking into before jumping in headlong.

Since this list will contain about 5-6 talents per roster, I'll focus on the highlights and leave the ones I have covered in detail elsewhere to speak for themselves. SO without further ado.....


1. Salinas
2. Melina Perez

3. Cherry Bomb- When Gail Kim made her open challenge in the days and weeks leading up to the return of Madison Rayne, this name was on the short list of her challengers. At number 28 on PWI's Top Women's Wrestlers for 2013, she has my vote to make her return to TNA as a permanent member of the roster.

4. Kaitlyn- I've made it no secret that I'm a fan of hers as she was, in my view, one of WWE's few bright spots on their roster leading up to her recent departure. Her physicality in ring makes her a perfect candidate for the Knockouts Division and willingness to learn puts her in a tier shared by very few.

5. Veda Scott- Although currently under contract with Ring of Honor, I see no reason for TNA NOT to pursue her, despite having only been in the business a couple of years.

6. Buggy Nova- Having been released from NXT just this past year, Nova was a shock to me, being among the better Diva potentials with a higher grade on in ring presence than most. You can bet TNA can do better with the raw (no pun intended) talent found here.


1. AJ Lee- I feel the need to explain myself here. This choice has EVERYTHING to do with whether or not CM Punk is a part of the new hierarchy somewhere down the line. IF he joins up, I am virtually certain Lee will follow. While I've never been much of a fan of hers, I will readily admit most of my opinion has to do with WWE's wildly outlandish character they attached to her. Knowing that, I am more than willing to give her the benefit of the doubt when it comes to her ability to perform to TNA's standards, which are far and away higher than those WWE has set at present.

2. Ivelisse Valez
3. Beth Phoenix

4. Candice LaRae- This is the second challenger of the few during Gail Kim's open challenge storyline and, in my view, one of TNA's best independent talent appearances.
5-6. The Blossoms

25 of 45 selections complete

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