Saturday, February 1, 2014

MVP and the Investor's Order.....

NOTE: This post contains spoilers, so if you'd rather not know what's coming, please turn back now, otherwise, feel free to keep reading......

SO, now that you've been warned, let me give you a hint of things to come AND where this column is going to be headed in the coming days......

Beer Money Reunites
The Wolves vs. Bad Influence
Jeff Hardy returns
New Knockout debuts that was NOT a part of previous posts
The reunion of The Beautiful People

Need I go on? Yes? Well, first off, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for sticking with me through the uncertainties (and there were some) and the high spots. This would not be possible without you guys and gals. By all means, if you like what you're reading, feel free to pass on the site to friends. But that's only one part of the column for the day. As for where this is all heading.....

Now that we have a return to some proper establishments, it makes some sense to give a few highs and lows for the product to date.


-Samuel Shaw.....I love the character. It's edgy, it's a step into the unknown, and it's something that could make this guy's career. If TNA plays his character with an X factor illustrating that no one knows how far he'll go to get ahead in this business and he'll take no allies to that end, this could be one of TNA's finest creations to date.

-Beer Money's reunion as a heel partnership.....I'm miked about this, but provided that the things I'm seeing are accurate, it makes Gunner into someone worth watching, which is something we haven't seen since 2011. It's nice to see TNA bringing back one of the best tandems in the past few years to feud with the newly christened Wolves acquisition.

-MVP.....He's not been a part of the domestic wrestling landscape in 5 years, but when he left, he was on the cusp of main event status with WWE. In that time, I am hopeful that he's developed into a more rounded competitor and a fully 3 Dimensional character with more than a foot of depth. Since he came from Japan most recently and they tend to have a more storyline and character driven element to the craft, I'm confident he's picked up a few things that most fans will eat up and crave moving forward.

-New Knockouts....It's no secret that TNA has been lean in the Division over the past year, but ANY new talents who can carry their own weight in ring are an improvement to what we see elsewhere. I view women's wrestling as a specialty division that provides a good barometer for the direction for a wrestling company. The better the women's division, most likely, the main event and other divisions will appear more balanced as well.


-Dixie on camera continues.....It's gotten old, people. I'll readily admit it. It's only been a couple of months, but I'm getting tired of her CONSTANT screen presence each week....let's tone it down, please.

-Rockstar Spud.....I never liked the guy on British Bootcamp and I still want the Blossoms to replace him. How much more clear can I make this? To me, he's a Hogan choice and he has yet to fulfill the purpose he was intended to fill on the roster in the X Division.

-X Division.....There is virtually NO presence of this lucrative division ANYWHERE in the product and tossing the belt back and forth between Aries and Sabin does NOT count. You want to regain the public trust in the product? Bring back what brought people to the show to begin with.

Main event presence.....Right now, TNA is without a true babyface as a foil to Magnus. Don't get me wrong, but Joe is only a part of the solution. Part of the pleasure in watching Joe vs. Styles vs. Daniels was that few words were exchanged through the whole of the feud and yet it was compelling to watch....with Magnus and Joe, there is not the same chemistry. One of the two needs a foil, especially if it demands the exchange of words for their segments. The return of Jeff Hardy will be a great boost to the hurting main event scene as will Gunner, once his presence takes off.

So with TNA's current taping schedule following the UK tour established until Lockdown and shortly thereafter, the problem on the short term seems averted, but for the long term? That bridge will have to be crossed when we come to it.

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