Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Right Here Waiting.....

The entire wrestling world is waiting right now. Waiting on news from any source that could be reliable in explaining what's happening in the worlds of professional's tough work. I'll be you've never heard a writer say that waiting is tough work, but it is. I come back to my favorite question. Why? In this case, it's because there is SO much at stake in each of the two major worlds right now.

On one side, WWE doesn't want to alienate most of the casual wrestling fans by having to tell them that one of their star performers is gone or that the current Wrestlemania plans are falling apart at the seams with injuries plaguing their top drawing names. John Cena has an eye injury. Alberto Del Rio has been talking about not renewing his contract once it runs out in the near future. Daniel Bryan is being constantly monitored for a concussion he sustained in the past month or so because the last thing WWE needs right now is for the people's secondary workhorse character to be out for any length of time. Facing public backlash over Bryan's glaring absence from the Rumble is one thing, but losing other top stars in the organization wasn't in the never is and SOME within the organization are getting nervous that their entire Wrestlemania plans are coming off the rails.....and all there is to do now is wait. Wait for Vince to get into contact with CM Punk and try to convince him to at least put in the time left productively.

On TNA's side of things, life isn't much less stressful. With Jeff Jarrett wanting to hold off in his announcement of his new project until after Wrestlemania has died down, he's been leaving little teasers and such on his social media, but to date, no one knows for sure where all this is least I have no sources who are privy to the kind of information we could use to speculate with any reasonable certainty beyond what I've written up to now.

In TNA's mainline, other than the return of Jeff Hardy, the only thing certain is that Kurt Angle goes in for surgery in the near future, meaning that he'll most likely be sidelined for AT LEAST a month, despite where things are in the storyline to date, meaning he'll miss out on Lockdown AND most likely the Fan Interaction.

On news sites right now, most presses are stopped and most bloggers and columnists silenced...until such time as something breaks that is worthy of being brought to the forefront and when that precious something is put out there, life may return to moreorless normal. But until that time, I'll be right here waiting......

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