Sunday, February 2, 2014


Why call this post "TWO"? Simple. because I only want to talk about TWO things.

1. CM Punk walks out on Vince and Vince chases after him, to the disapproval of Triple H.


2. What does it mean for AJ Lee?

Well, before I get into this whole thing, I'd like to make mention of Lita for just one second. She had been seeing Punk in the past year and they are still friends, from everything I've read, but it would appear that he is, at least as chivalrous as the base standard and waited until the breaking off of the romantic relationship with Lita before beginning one with Ms. Lee. Now that I've covered THAT, I say let's explore this whole mess just a bit.....

7:30 before Monday Night RAW of January 27th- CM Punk has gone over the script and run sheet for the show that night to discover that he'd been written out of the episode. In the months leading up to this, he'd been described as "going through the motions" and "despondent" over the major returns of The Rock, Brock Lesnar, and Batista to the organization because he felt they were robbing full time performers of a chance to make their name by being included in the show.

He had been expressing his frustrations during that time, but was reassured that they were, as the phrase is often said, what was best for business. That sealed the deal and he walked right over to Vince, told him that he was going home.....and that he wouldn't be back.

Since the 27th of January, Vince has told Human and Talent Relations NOT to try and reach out, but rather to let Vince handle the situation personally. To that end, that is where it has stayed. Standing at the center of disapproval over this decision has been Triple H, who had been a supporter of Punk in his early years with the company. It had been slated to have Triple H face Punk at Wrestlemania this year, but since it had been assumed that Punk would NOT be re-signing with the company in July, Punk had an idea of how the event would be booked.....with the house winning and Punk being sent packing.

My reaction to this is simple....APPLAUSE! I applaud Punk for taking initiative as I feel similarly in regards to the arrivals of the old guard in recent years. My criticisms of WWE over this very issue are clear. I make no bones about it, when WWE releases an average of 20-25 people per year in the post-Wrestlemania months, I have a big problem with that. Why? Because these are mostly characters who have been given a garbage gimmick and have been expected to make the most of it and weren't given the time to get over with it. It's a cycle, folks, and it took a major talent seeing the machine for what it is to make the difference.

WWE's problem for over a decade has been releasing veterans who could have been invaluable in helping create new stars with credibility. Imagine an up and coming wrestler who has a resume of high profile matches against the likes of Monty Brown (Marquis Cor Von), Rikishi, Kurt Angle, Ken Anderson, and a host of other released talents during that era and matches against the current my mind, there is no comparison, the roster of 10 years ago is light years ahead in terms of raw talent, but for reasons beyond my ability to wrap my head around, Vince and company simply cast them aside, when plans were already in the works to have a third brand to catch those who have been refining their gimmicks and working out the kinks. Punk watched it all happen, having seen the bulk of those on the WWE/ECW brand released on their ears when the brand was cut off. Will his walking out make a difference? In my view, it all depends on whether or not he returns when Vince comes a calling.

If Punk sticks to his guns and DOESN'T make a return,  we may see a conscious return to the days of old and more talents put to better use, at least on the short term. If he lets Vince talk him out of his position and DOES return, I think WWE will decide not to re-sign him in July when his contract comes up anyway. So either way, I doubt his walk out will have any lasting effect.

As for his main squeeze? I think here is where WWE has a mean streak. Relationships within WWE aren't treated very well, especially for the women counterparts. Beth Phoenix, Melina, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Lita, and many other top names were politically edged out (no pun intended, especially in regards to Phoenix). Good in ring talents like Lita, Melina, and Phoenix were asked to serve as jobbers to the models and less talented instead of being able to keep their statuses and have the younger talents train and make it on their own merits. Others like Keibler and Wilson were subjected to embarrassing storylines and it was only a few who left on their own like Gail Kim who were spared by walking out. So, if history has anything to say about the status of AJ Lee, the future doesn't look very bright, especially if she supports his decision.

Please don't think that I'm basing my opinion on anything unverifiable. When the women support their men, it never ends well. When Edge determined that it was the right time to retire and he left for his final surgery, Phoenix wanted to leave and be with him to aid in his recovery. WWE reluctantly agreed to her leave of absence and then released her from her contract shortly thereafter in a bait and switch. I am not making this stuff up, people. This is just the way things have played out. Even though Melina had a bit of an attitude, when she was released, she was not allowed backstage at the events where her boyfriend, John Morrison, was performing. The examples go on and on, but I don't have the time to give any more proofs for this. AJ Lee has a choice to make. Either break off the relationship or risk a time of embarrassment until she walks out herself.

This is a delicate time for WWE because Daniel Bryan is the hottest thing on the block in terms of his popularity. If they give him the push that people are wanting, he still has to deal with the politics of WWE wanting someone else instead. Remember Zack Ryder? Yeah, the guy who made Sports Illustrated take note of his internet prowess to garner fan support. Anybody know where HE is now? I didn't think so. WWE takes a dim view of those who THEY didn't create themselves. They TRIED to squelch Steve Austin, believe it or not, but if they had cancelled his character, Vince would have lost EVERYTHING, and he knew it. CM Punk leaving puts that much more pressure on Bryan to perform like the workhorse he is and if he ISN'T up to the challenge, he needs only wait until his own contract is up and make his exit there. Believe it or not, John Cena and Randy Orton won't hold the WWE up forever.....

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