Saturday, February 8, 2014

What I Hear About You.....

So after weeks of speculation, a story has come out concerning Jeff Jarrett, Toby Keith, and TNA, but it's not the story I wanted to hear. I wonder if it's any case, the story goes something like this:

A few months ago, Keith and Jarrett visited TNA headquarters in Nashville for a business meeting with the actual owners of the promotion, the Carters and specifically Bob Carter, the patriarch of the family, with one goal in mind. Toby Keith and Jeff Jarrett wanted to buy TNA, just as I predicted COULD happen.....and that's when things got a bit sketchy. Bob, thinking of Dixie, tried to negotiate Dixie into a position where she wouldn't be out of a job and would still have power within the company once the reins were turned over. Keith and Jarrett wanted COMPLETE control and weren't interested in using Dixie as an on screen personality. Bob felt her skills wouldn't be best utilized to their potential unless she had some kind of authority in the new hierarchy. THUS, the deal began to break down and all parties felt let down by the experience. Jarrett felt let down because it was a sign that he wouldn't be able to use the TNA platform to leap into the future expansion of the brand.

In anticipation of an even more globally minded TNA, he begins to reach out and try to hammer down cooperative plans with Japanese and Mexican federations to offer talent exchanges and event features in efforts to give homage to OUTSIDE sources. When the Carter family turned down the monetary offer, Jarrett, by that time angry that no agreement could be reached, resigned his position in TNA to seek his fortunes elsewhere. To that end, his investors look to fire up a brand new promotion, which looks to launch later this year.

True or false?

No answers readily present least not yet. What will make the determination, to MY mind, is if Jarrett DOES create a new entity that has NOTHING to do with TNA. If that's the case, his 35% share in the company will provide valuable leverage if this entity eventually overtakes the success TNA has had so far in their run. If TNA's mainline entity begins to suffer as a result and the Carters decide to actually unload WITHOUT conditions, you can bet Jeff Jarrett has a chance of inheriting what portion remains....or the Carters will be more apt to listening to reason, provided the above story is true.

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