Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wrestlemania XIX...The Way it SHOULD Have Been....

Unless people who go to Wikipedia have actually SEEN Wrestlemania XIX, they would have no idea that their assessment of the card has one GLARING inaccuracy.....the role of the Undertaker in his match of that night....a night that should have been booked differently....but only in the Taker match as a whole.

Aside from that match, you have a virtually PERFECT card, chock full of classic matches and, in my view, one of the most underrated Wrestlemanias of all time. Austin vs. The Rock III (which also happens to be Steve Austin's last match), Jericho vs. Michaels, Lesnar vs. Angle....all great matches and worthy of mention in the archive of the best the stage has seen. So HOW is The Undertaker's match inaccurate as far as Wikipedia is concerned?

Wiki lists The Undertaker vs. Big Show and A-Train in a Handicap match, which isn't true. For those who remember, the match was a TAG match and his partner DID show up for the match. He was not only LATE, but he should have been booked in his own match to begin with.

In 2003, Smackdown was getting ready to debut a new character I've talked about a few times....Nathan Jones; the Colossus of Boggo Road. It was the decision of WWE to book HIM in The Undertaker's match. When he wasn't progressing in his training as quickly as they wanted, the match was rewritten to try and hide his inexperience by having him attacked backstage by one or both of his opponents for the match. That said, he got off minimal offense in his trek to the ring and Taker got the final pin to capture his streak defense. Folks, I submit to you that this match should NEVER have happened. Instead, I would have booked TWO separate matches and left A-Train off the card entirely....just my opinion.

Again, not that I'm condoning the course of action this column is about, but IF Sting were to have signed with WWE, THIS would have been the very BEST time to have done it. Let me put it bluntly....that year's streak defense was PATHETIC! With the engine rolling off the rails as far as WWE officials were concerned as far as their newest investment, they were in a scramble to salvage something out of the hot wet mess. If I had had a hand in writing what we ended up seeing, I would have gone with Nathan Jones taking care of himself against Big Show in a short match ending with an injury angle caused by A-Train. If WWE needed more time to hone Jones' skills, this would have given them that out AND it would have given Sting vs. Undertaker to an audience that would have better appreciated not so far removed from the downfall of WCW.

Combine that fact with the fact that the entire PPV would have ended up being the perfect WCW vs WWF PPV, and you would have had, quite possibly the best PPV recovery after 2001's failed Invasion angle that concluded only 6 months before. I mean...look at what we would have had.....

Haas/Benjamin vs. Eddie/ Chavo vs. Benoit/ Rhyno
Sting vs. Undertaker
Booker T vs. Triple H
Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels
Matt Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio

This is a good set of WCW vs. WWF contests and Sting vs. Taker would have salvaged a weak spot on the card, making it into a virtually air tight gift to the fans. Think about it....

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