Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wrestlemania's "Finest"....right

Hulk "TNA4LIFE" Hogan.....or is it WWE4Life? For all I know, it could still be nWo for life, right? In any case, WWE's quest for the next big record came Monday Night. So we have Dave "I wish my people would love me" Batista vs. Randy "They boo me just as much" Orton. It seems clear to me that WWE's main event is coming apart and they only have three things that are holding the Universe at bay: the Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan match that was ORIGINALLY planned for CM Punk AND the annual defense of the undefeated streak of the Undertaker against Brock Lesnar, whom he's never beaten; AND any kind of match between the Wyatts and the Shield.

How do I figure? Well, WWE is trying to determine how best to confront the notion that CM Punk may not come back leading into a live show emanating from Chicago, Punk's hometown. Anyone who has been to a live event in the wake of Punk's walkout has heard the chants or participated in them. It's no secret that the wrestling world was livid when Daniel Bryan's music never played at the Royal Rumble, but when Punk called it quits, it shot WWE's plans to kingdom come. Now, with a Universe that has little to no interest in a couple of feuds that took place 10 years ago, they are forced to rely on Daniel Bryan and their stable creations, but only ONE will win the day.....and the fans WILL side with Daniel Bryan.

Compound that with the fact that ANY kind of outside interference in the potential high stakes match between Trips and D-Bry could jeopardize WWE's ability to perform any kind of damage control and you have a VERY tough position they are finding themselves in....even under the best of circumstances, but we all know that THAT isn't the end of the story.....because another one of their star players is down and out and may miss Wrestlemania and then some. John Cena went down during Monday's RAW and, from all reports, the injury is SERIOUS. I'm not talking about SummerSlam serious either. We may be looking at Survivor Series serious, if that.

Is this enough to believe that the whole thing is headed for the crapper right out of the gate? I couldn't even begin to predict, BUT I DO know that WWE has been dragging their feet in their negotiations with Sting, whom they claim is the biggest deal that could happen right now. Sting was pushing for Wrestlemania THIS year and not next. Fact is, it could still happen.....if they know what's good for them, it should happen. From a purist perspective, I HATE the idea. I don't like the idea that Sting would have to lay down for the Undertaker when he can STILL move better. I hate the notion that WWE pays an obscene amount of money to a man who only works ONE match per year, when people like that are EXACTLY the reason CM Punk walked out in the first place. What's worse, I HATE the idea that people tout an undefeated streak that is held together with a deceptive record. 21-0, right? If you count each win, yes. HOWEVER, if you look at the tally, 3 men account for a third of those wins and one of the other wins was a tag match that should have been called off in the first place.

I've made it no secret that I HATE a Sting vs. Undertaker match at Wrestlemania and there is not a person who can convince me that it's best for business, but this present set of circumstances that NO ONE could have predicted virtually DEMANDS it. If Sting put Lesnar out to pasture and then went into Wrestlemania as his replacement, THEN you'd have a pacifier, of sorts, for those who have been bored with the past few Taker outings since HBK volume 1. If WWE continues to stall, I have no doubt that Sting will somehow find his way back to TNA to render aid to MVP in his current dilemma concerning their own Authority figure.

Am I making any sense? Or am I just blowing smoke?

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