Monday, February 10, 2014

WWE's WCS (Worst Case Scenario)

I'd like to do a couple of things in this column. First, I want to address a possible scenario WWE would rather avoid. Secondly, I'd like to answer a question. For the sake of simplicity, I'll answer the question first.....

Where could Sting fit into the TNA landscape if talks fall through and a document is never signed with WWE?

My Answer:

As sad as it is for me to say, I think Sting has overstayed his ability to be useful to least in the current storyline. Could that change? Absolutely. How? In my mind, he's basically done it all. He's been the World Champion, he's held the Tag Titles, he's been the General Manager, he's even gone rogue a couple of times. The only thing he HASN'T done so far is work backstage. He has a good eye for talent. He has a good presence as a persona but also as an ambassador and his name still carries a lot of weight in the wrestling community. Have I reduced him to a pencil pusher? Not at all. I think he can still be a sway in the balance of power by being the swerve that makes way for the true source of power, whoever that might be. Since the current storyline is slated to last until Bound for Glory, there's PLENTY of time to flesh out who the ultimate face boss will be. Suffice it to say, I doubt very much MVP is the major player in the shift.

Now, onto the next subject of interest....WWE's current woes.

As previously stated elsewhere, CM Punk is gone for the moment and with a trail of injuries a mile long in his absence AND fans hijacking RAW and Smackdown with CM Punk and YES chants, it seems the return of Batista has been a bust, not to mention that Alberto Del Rio is planning life OUTSIDE WWE......WHEW! Have THEY got it bad!

If all that weren't bad enough, there's been an anonymous writer who has been sending letters to major news sources all over the net, telling fans to basically shut up and eat what they're given and enjoy it, among other things running along the same veins. Could it be a troll fan? Sure. Could it be a member of their roster? Sure. Does it matter? Not one bit. All of this is BAD for WWE. There's no other way to see it. Yes, people are talking, but is it helping anything? I don't think so. If enough people were convinced that it WAS a member of the roster, I would hope it would drive people AWAY from the product, leading to a fast decline, but I have my doubts. Since most steadfast fans are those within their current broadcast rating, I'm confident that most would have no reason to consult those news sites anyway. Most of the "smarks" out there are much older than the target audience, but are too mired in habit because they've stuck with the product for too long instead of being fed up enough to just turn the channel.

Right now, their top tier is a COMPLETE mess. Cena is trying to press through an eye injury. Punk is gone. It's come to even breaking up The Shield to try and salvage something of value for Wrestlemania this year. Does that seal WWE's fate? Not by a long shot. It does put them on their back foot, but I don't see WWE suffering in the long term. They have a VERY deep roster AND a complete developmental roster to boot. Would that mean pushing people before they're ready? Maybe, but in a gamble, WWE tends to do fairly well with their loyal fans, who in my view, are entirely too forgiving of the brand. It DOES, as it turns out, give valuable time to TNA to make something of this storyline before it does irreparable harm to the brand.

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