Thursday, March 6, 2014

Apples and Oranges.....

In response to my last post, a well spoken point was made....

"'s like apples and oranges." This made when I used WWE and TNA in the same sentence. I LOVE  that phrase, when used to describe the vast difference between the two companies. Despite the shape of the ring, the color of a few choice performers, and a couple of divisions the two share in common, they could NOT be more different.

Now before I find myself in a WWE vs. TNA rant that is counterproductive and uninteresting, by my view, I think it's time to discuss something that might be coming on the horizon which may interest the masses that come here......

NOTE: When I read this in my daily rounds to the various news sources and anonymous insiders who claim to have the fast trak, I was dumbfounded. Imagine a wrestling COMPLETELY devoid of WWE. When WWE launched their network online, I became convinced that in order for ANYONE to put steps towards WWE to catch up to the success, they would have to step up the playing field and do something drastic. Why not organize a few well placed wrestling feds that simply want to be acknowledged and allow them to put their best foot forward, forming a cooperative network to showcase them all?

Under this new banner, executives would choose a figure to serve as a face of this entity. Dropping the riddles and fog, let me speak plainly. A rumor reached me not long ago that Spike TV has been kicking around the idea of reinvention in recent months. To that end, it's been speculated that the financial partnerships fostered by Jeff Jarrett have potentially convinced the top tier execs at Spike that wrestling is on the verge of a boom and that in order to be able to compete with WWE on a global scale without allowing them to run a monopoly uncontested, they need to organize.

New Japan Pro Wrestling, Wrestle-1, and AAA have all had dealings with Jarrett in the past AND are on current good terms with him on a personal level. These promotions all have one thing in common: all are wanting to gain a foot hold in the American marketplace. Spike TV, as it turns out, in efforts to find themselves a face to speak for the newly christened network turned to a recently departed TNA employee to, perhaps, embody this newly formed entity. Who, you might be asking? AJ Styles.

If Ring of Honor and TNA were offered the chance to peddle their wares on a scale like Spike TV's brand new network, WWE would DEFINITELY have cause to feel threatened. WWE may have the single most vast library of vintage wrestling footage from Georgia Championship Wrestling, NWA, AWA, WCW, ECW, and just about every other major promotion during the 70's, 80's, and 90's into today's current product, but with a network consisting of vintage ROH, TNA, independent NWA, and PPVs spanning the past decade at least, along with documentary material covering all of the above, I see no better place for the avid wrestling fan to go for their daily wrestling fix.

BEAR IN MIND, THIS IS ALL SPECULATION stemming from interviews from Jeff Jarrett in the recent past, rumors, and TNA's continued optimism concerning their product even in the face of top talents leaving the promotion and dodgy potential for taping venues moving into the future.

But wouldn't it be cool if it WERE true?

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