Sunday, March 23, 2014

Forward Movement....

Rumors will swirl, spoilers will make their way each week onto the web, and speculation will remain steadfast until such time as the new business pursuit of TNA's founder comes to light. Right now, the running plan from news sources I've been reading is that Karen and Jeff will be rolling out a reality show surrounding the fanfare of this new (or rebranded) promotion. The show will be chronicling the journey from inception (or continuation) to unveiling.

If this is a rebranding, we're looking at COMPLETE- right down to the logo- rebranding. Some critics have said that TNA will never be taken seriously from their name alone. TNA. Sure doesn't SOUND like a program worthy of much least not to me....or those who judge the product on brand name alone. But this column isn't about least not really.

On a personal note, I'm a torn man.....on the one hand, I'm a TNA purist who loves the way the old product circa 2009 and back looked from a wrestling perspective. On the other hand, I'm a HUGE fan of the way new champions have been created and the sleek and upgraded photography has been done. Combine all of that with a split of both era rosters and you have a happy man and, I surmise, a happy public too.

I suppose that's what makes me excited about what may be coming down the pike. I would LOVE to see get a facelift and an overhaul, all the while leaving most of the current roster intact and producing an influx and enough screen time to feature each talent so that you have no waste on the roster because everyone is being put to good use in storylines that are relevant. Under the current regime, the Carter family has yet to put more than the bare minimum amount of funds behind the product or to go all out in making negotiations for more screen time to feature their ENTIRE roster each week. There was a time when that wasn't the case, but that was during the white hot 2006-2008 years when every outlet wanted a piece of the action that was totally nonstop.

Is it so wrong for me to want a return to some of TNA's fundamentals with a more current spin on the brand? As much as I am NOT a fan of Karen Jarrett, I can't help but go through previous posts and compare her to my feelings towards Dixie Carter of be real, I can't say which I like better, BUT at the end of the day, she isn't the one calling the shots and for that, I can forgive her tenure to come in the product that is coming or that is being reborn.....

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