Monday, March 31, 2014

#$(&@ *Gasp* @#*_@#*( *Studder* WHO'S COMING BACK?!

It's rare for me to actually choke as I'm going through my daily news, but when I read this, I had some difficulty sitting down on my own.  Jesse Sorensen is now in talks to return for the long overdue Zema Ion feud that everyone waited for to no avail...until now.

Now let me preface this by saying that Sorensen is NOT the best in the world, but when he was released by TNA management in a bogus twist of events that began my love/hate relationship with Dixie Carter, I never in a million years thought we would see his return. Just to be clear about the circumstances, I'd like to set the stage for those who don't remember....

2012- Jesse Sorensen is injured when a move from the top rope to the outside sends Zema Ion's knee down onto Sorensen's spinal column, causing immediate paralysis and leading to over a year's worth of rehabilitation. This took place in February, 2012.

Fast forward to July of 2012. Jesse walks out from behind the curtain at Destination X to a HUGE applause stating that once he's cleared, he'll have his revenge and then use the freshly christened "Option C" clause to walk out as the World Heavyweight Champion at Destination X in 2013. In the time it took for that year to go by, he had taken a job as a marketing assistant, but was still focused on making his return to the ring, but in June of 2013, TNA removed his picture from the roster, meaning that trouble had been brewing behind the scenes.

Speculation, right now, says that he was fired when he was TOO insistent on making his return to the ring instead of learning a new job within the organization. Further, it was, perhaps a situation of upper management wanting to protect the young Jesse from doing any further damage to his body by releasing him from his contract. This news polarized me against the establishment at first, but after time passed, so did mentions of his ever returning.

So is this a big deal? With the return of Angelina Love and the teased returns of Taylor Wilde AND Sorensen? To my mind, it isn't a question....YES. The next thing is for Daffney to wake up one morning and say she's coming back's that kind of story in my view.

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