Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lethal? Eh....

We got Willow, whose presence didn't even have the hint of difference with Jeff Hardy. We got Abyss, whose presence didn't even have a hint of similarity with who he was in his beginnings. And last, but not least, we got more shennanigans than during the era of Vince Russo. I shook my head tonight. This ISN'T the TNA I know and love.

Before I give the impression that there was nothing good about the show, let me give you the positives, in a nutshell.

Bobby Lashley is back, for however long back is. I am excited about this return, however, if this means we won't get a full time schedule from him like last time, I can't support this move by upper management.

The Knockouts Division was on point tonight, putting on a more than worthy showing for such modest time allotment. This was a match very much like Taryn Tarrell's breakout performance from last year and even had its very own OUCH spot to tout just as the former match had the Bulldog off the stage. I don't think it's any coincidence that Gail Kim was a part of that match as well. It was nice to see at least ONE division that is alive and well.

It was ALSO amazing to see the influx of the Japanese Wrestle-1 promotion contenders including, but not limited to The Great Muta. Tigre Uno made a very impressive debut against Manik and made the early moments of the PPV a nice little introduction.

This stuff and limited moments in the later goings on were the bright spots, but those moments couldn't cover up the messiness that was the end of the final two matches of the night. I simply can't place this event on my shelf. I'm a TNA fan, but I'm also a fan of smartly booked, efficiently run, and effectively twisted PPVs. This was just not one of them. I hate to say it, but I DO call it like I see it and right now, TNA has to answer for this by way of the fans.

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