Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Dixie Carter is off TV for the time being. Contracts are beginning to come up and we're heading right into the fog of Slammiversary. The past two years, TNA has revealed their Hall of Fame inductee right about this time. Bear with me, people, I have quite a few thoughts that I'm about to put on rapid fire and then HOPEFULLY connect the dots by the time it all ends. In addition to the inductee, we're also looking at some glaring peculiarities in the PPV schedule. For instance, Sacrifice is now being advertised as being on PPV this year. Why Sacrifice? The date reveals nothing as April 27th isn't a red letter day or anything like that.

Another thing on the horizon is the return of two roster members who have yet to compete in an actual WRESTLING match: "Rampage" Jackson and King Mo. I said it last year when Jackson was slated to appear in TNA for the first time and I will repeat it now....If Rampage can carry a match and make himself and his opponent look good, I say we give him a chance to shine, but as of right now, neither man has given me any reason to care about their return. I'm willing to give this a chance, but they had better make it count.

In news of the "things that make you go hmmm..." TNA has also reserved the Hammerstein Ballroom for a trifecta of Impact broadcast tapings in April. Rumor has it that they paid 300,000 dollars to book the spot too. While some are skeptical of the high dollar amount and believe those numbers have been inflated by the shifts in power and former employees wanting the more educated fans to buck support for the TNA product by giving the impression that they are being frivolous with the books, this report was given to The running impression is that if TNA can do some decent business in this venue, there are plans to run more events in the Northeast region of the country more often and may even try to locate a semi-permanent home from which to tape Impact now that Universal Studios is becoming less of an option.

I have high hopes for the coming couple of months as it will, undoubtedly, give rise to a few developments that will give TNA and independent promotions a more elevated chance to gain some public exposure. This is good for the wrestling business as a whole and not just a top tier venture.

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