Friday, March 7, 2014

Locked in a Cage....

Lockdown is, by far, my favorite TNA innovation. Why? The cage.....if Elimination Chamber featured every division in the Chamber, we may have a very different WWE, but since TNA has determined to give us all cage matches all night long, who am I to complain? From the blue beast cage of yesteryear to the Hell in a Cell, I've ALWAYS been a fan of cage matches because it forces whatever story the promotion and competitors are up against to raise the stakes. Face it, if your opponent has it out for you enough to grind your face into a cage, you're gonna HAVE to elevate your game.

Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, The Hardy Boyz, and dozens of soldier minded pioneers of the cage match have paved the way for TNA's Lockdown event and the game changing "Lethal Lockdown" match, featuring a Royal Rumble style match with Survivor Series rules of pinfall and submission and elimination. But we already KNOW all why do I even bother launching in so heavy-handed?

Each Lethal Lockdown match has high stakes and this year's event is no different, placing the control of Wrestling Operations on the line. I have no idea how this year's event will pan out and this because of a couple of X Factors.

1. Dixie Carter's Dixieland Gang has the numbers advantage.
2. Jeff Hardy.....which character does he show up as? Will he be himself or Willow the Wisp?

The climate of the Lethal Lockdown match hinges on where it sits on the card. If we see it before the World Title match, I believe we'll have a mess of interference from every angle, but if we catch it AFTER the World Title contention, I think we'll have a very different match on our hands as fans. I will chance this in FOUR ways....

1. IF Samoa Joe wins the World Title, I predict a loss in the column of MVP.
2. IF Magnus wins to retain, I predict a win for MVP and control of operations.

3. IF the World Title match happens AFTER the Lethal Lockdown match, I predict Magnus wins AND Dixieland takes the victory in a clean sweep.

4. IF the World Title match happens BEFORE the Lethal Lockdown match, I predict Magnus retaining and MVP's gang winning.

That's my story and I'll stand by it, win or lose.

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