Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One Month Left....until....?

In the most recent teaser post by Jeff Jarrett, we have been given a treat....the understanding that we have to wait another month before he's going to make the announcement we've all been waiting for, in the kingdom of pro wrestling fandom. For those who have been waiting with the kind of anticipation that I have, it's something of a downer getting teased and teased and teased only to have to wait yet again.

And yet....I wonder....what could he POSSIBLY have in store that would incorporate talents and promotions that TNA has been working with faithfully the past few years? And does TNA fit into these plans or have we been fully cut off? With each time the announcement gets pushed back, I am further intrigued by what could cause such pause. Sure, he's "resigned" from TNA, but in his latest teaser, a fade reminiscent of the old X Division intro from yesteryear draws me in and I get restless.

The rumor mills turn and turn, speculating everything from a brand spanking new promotion designed to put TNA into THEIR roster, a network featuring footage from worldwide promotions, and a secondary brand of the TNA brand. The question everyone wants to know is what this announcement will ACTUALLY reveal, if anything.

Secretly, a part of me actually hopes that if this is a new promotion, it puts TNA out of its misery. I know, I know....this blog wouldn't even be here if it weren't for the efforts of the TNA establishment, but the establishment I hold to is the one that came before the current system of governance....the one that looked at Samoa Joe as the hottest free agent commodity the industry had in its reserves....the one that crowned a "King of the Mountain". THAT'S the TNA I started this blog to represent and, though there have been some eras since then that have been good, right now, they are suffering, badly.

I'm still holding out hope that Jarrett and his band of cohorts are taking the reins of the TNA brand and getting the chance to work with it the way it was MEANT to be run.....from the top of the business as a whole. Does that mean jettisoning Dixie from the brand? Absolutely. While Immortal might have been a great concept on paper, it felt too much like TNA trying to bottle the same magic the nWo created, which is a BAD thing when the target audience remembers when it happened the first time. Further, the current state of TNA, with Carter at the helm makes little sense and it just downright offensive with her claims that she singlehandedly built the company under which she rules with an iron fist.

Enter MVP. I honestly feel bad for this guy right now, IF the powers that be are counting on the numbers to elevate and push the needle towards the redline...they will be more than a little bit disappointed. HOWEVER, in the event of the return of Jeff Jarrett, numbers WILL jump by a very large margin, especially among those who are in the wrestling know. Count on it. Though a month is a long time for a simple announcement, I can say this.....I'm listening.

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