Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sacrifice.....LIVE on PPV this year....

In the last column, I wrote that this year, Sacrifice comes to us live on PPV. A couple of years back, TNA put forth an initiative that placed all but three PPVs on notice, filling the blank spots on the schedule with one shot PPVs called One Night ONLY, as all of you out there know already. This year, however, things have changed a bit. To what end, I have only guesses.

In recent months, as I've ALSO written here,  Universal Studios has become a bit of an obsolete option for TNA, but right now, the Nashville-based promotion is needing a place to set down for a while and cool their heels. So in the interim, TNA has been reaching out to casinos, smaller venues, and even venues of historic relevance to the wrestling community to try and bolster some options to last through the summer.

As for what Sacrifice holds in store? I would venture a guess that Dixie is looking to put forth a last ditch effort to try and gain control, but I have this gut feeling we're going to see a twist in the story from MVP's side of things. I've been saying it and for once, I think I'm fully justified in believing MVP isn't the major investor in this story. He's been wrestling and getting his hands dirty...true enough, but for all the wrestling he's done, he has yet to have a truly meaningful victory over anyone substantial. This being said, I think the Willow character will have a part to play in what's coming, but my only guess is that it has something to do with Abyss/ Joseph Park and the situation between he and Magnus.

I can absolutely see TNA bringing back the Knockouts Tag Team Titles because of a piece of news I'VE been waiting for that has finally come to light. In a recent interview, former Knockout Taylor Wilde has stated that she'd be willing to make a deal with TNA to return to the company after having been away for a little over 4 years. With the returns of Angelina Love and Madison Rayne, I see no reason why Wilde's return would be anything but valuable, ESPECIALLY since Lei'D Tapa has just been released. WHAT?! Yeah, you read that right....Tapa is gone.

In the world of TNA, I think the BIGGEST mistake they have made in the Knockouts Division in the past three or four years was picking Tapa over Ivelisse Valez in the Gut Check Challenge. I would even put this ABOVE putting Brooke Hogan in charge of the division, which ALSO was a travesty of monumental proportions, but I digress that point. My power play, if I were writing this thing on the Knockouts side of things, I would replace Tapa with Valez and team her with the returning Taylor Wilde to compete for a restored Knockouts Tag Title against The Beautiful People and Tessmacher and Madison Rayne. That leaves Gail Kim, The Alpha Female, Taryn Tarrell, and ODB to hold down the Knockouts Title scene for a while.....I kinda like where this is going.

As for the X Division? Kenny King can't seem to return quickly enough and Tigre Uno has been a breath of fresh air to the division and has a Rey Mysterio vibe about him. With him, Manik, Sabin, Zema Ion, and Kenny King to tear it up for a while on the X Title scene, the woes are seeming to work their way out.

Now all that remains is the indecision of TNA management on how to book the returns of King Mo, "Rampage" Jackson, and the recently returned Bobby Lashley. Once those cards have been dealt out, we'll have a better idea of what we're dealing with in the long-term.

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