Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Best POSSIBLE Match EVER......Part 1.

I've been giving this a lot of thought and today I have a few things to get off my chest, namely matches that COULD happen that haven't yet. I've decided to take off the promotional boundaries and place a few dream matches on this column. There are only two rules in this.....the players CAN'T have already faced one another in a televised match AND neither competitor can be retired. SO....with no further ado, I introduce the first two combatants:

The Undercard......

1. Robbie E. vs Zack Ryder

First off, I NEED to see these guys being in a situation where something good can happen and if there was any way to dress this match up just a bit, I would give each guy a throwback to their personas of old in their respective companies. I would bring their tag partners to the table and one piece of insurance. That said, Curt Hawkins and Edge would be at ringside for Ryder and Jesse and Cookie would be at ringside for Mr. E. Forget about the finish to the match, I think both guys are a far cry more talented than most give them credit for.

2. Tag Team Turmoil.....
D-X (Road Dogg, Triple H, and Billy Gunn) vs. AJ Styles, Daniels, and Kazarian vs. Motor City Machine Guns w/ Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Cesaro

One of these things is NOT like the others and we all know who they are. My point in this match was to simply put a magnifying glass on just how short Triple H and his well pushed friends fall from the technical mark. If I were to put in three legends in their prime into the mix,  my picks would include Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, and Dean Malenko, but the rules are clear....retirement is the end. NOTE: I realize that this match up has TNA vs. WWE and AJ Styles isn't a member of either roster at the moment, but talks ARE still underway and until such time comes that talks break down entirely, I'm calling his stint with ROH a sabbatical.              

NOW, before ANYONE tries to throw out "YOU SOLD OUT" chants, my conditions for these matches are VERY clear and trust me, by the time this card has concluded, you won't be disappointed....especially with a double main event. So that brings me right back to

3. X Division Match......Rey Mysterio vs. Petey Williams.....
Another case of yet another star not technically on either roster, but TNA has this tendency for short term engagements and, for this column, I'm making an exception here. Bear in mind that I gave WWE an exception with the CM Punk selection for one night only. Can you imagine a Williams vs. Mysterio bout? Good stuff.

With that, I'm closing the book on this chapter of the best POSSIBLE match.....

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