Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Twists and Turns.....

Does anyone, by show of hands, know the mark of a great storyline in wrestling? It's the ability for every player involved to lead even the most cynical fans to believe that the lines between fantasy and reality have disappeared completely. This goes across the boards for everyone from writers to producers to commentators to those who have to pull off the lines on screen....everyone MUST be on their game and on deck to see something special being placed into the history books.

Right now, I'm seeing those lines blurring in terms of TNA and the reasons, to my mind, are mounting even more recently. The return of Angelina Love; the rumored returns of Taylor Wilde and Tara in the waiting; and the tides of uncertainty looming in the distance, I simply can't see more than a few feet ahead in any direction and that's exciting to me. A number of pieces of information flood my mind as I'm writing this right now.....

- TNA has been looking in the Northeastern portion of the country to do some tapings in the next month or two and has had feelers sent out to casinos, fairgrounds, and other venues to establish a more permanent home on the short term, but I have been given the impression that this entire facade is just elaborate deception, designed to throw the fans off the trail of the political backstage drama unfolding as the stage houses only the top 10 percent of the full story.

- Kurt Angle has made claims about maybe parting company with TNA to make his way back up north, BUT in the same sentence, a new source now reports that he's been in contact with the funding partnership spearheaded by his one time rival Jeff Jarrett to headline the project he's been working on all this time.

- A top ranking news site is now reporting that AJ Styles has signed a one year deal with New Japan Pro Wrestling, which is where Alex Shelley has been performing for a while and where MVP came to TNA from. It's no secret that TNA has ties to NJPW and has for some time, but another group of fiscally saavy investors have also been in contact about collaboration with guessed it, the music celebrity investment group involving Jeff Jarrett.

And what of the network being rumored to carry the Jarrett project? I've heard TBS has been listed as one potentially looking to get back into the wrestling business once more, but I ALSO heard that Spike TV is looking to upgrade their programming into more avenues of wrestling promotional material. In fact, the more often I hear news about Jarrett's project, the more I hear about TNA and the more my mind travels back to a creative team meeting with Dixie Carter the week Jarrett announces his resignation from the day to day duties in TNA Wrestling. When asked about Jeff's departure, she replied that it was a business decision and promptly moved on with the business at hand for the day. Even now, those words haunt me as strikingly curious.

Whatever the case is officially, it can be readily assumed that there are considerable implications for the state of TNA when roster members who have had their fill in the past few years decide to return or that they WOULD if they were given the right deal. I tend to favor the way Jarrett negotiated with talents and was the kind of ring general TNA needed in their inception and led the roster into the limelight for a good run, minus having a hedge on the World Title scene most of the first few years. If a change in management IS in TNA's future, I can only see positives with the kind of fanfare being rustled up from networks and executives for the lead-in announcement that comes April 7th.

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