Sunday, April 6, 2014 for the Streak....

So 'ol Taker's streak is broken. *sigh* That does it for an era. It's really hard to get angry at a gimmick that ran its course at 20. If WWE had left well enough alone, critics the webs around would have nothing to complain about. Each year, WWE takes a big risk in bringing Mark Calloway back for his once-a-year commitment. This isn't just for Taker. It's also for those he would inevitably face off against at the spectacle of the year.

Let's face a hard fact: The Undertaker isn't 25 years old, nor can he move like it. His last couple of outings have been abysmal to watch for me, even as a fan of slower paced bouts AND quicker X Division style spotfests. Before I get hate mail that refuses to end, I'm not criticizing the man, I'm only pointing out that his body is giving out. It takes longer and longer to recover from each streak building match and the return on those matches isn't getting any better.

Since Sting is pretty much a lock on the docket for next year's 'Mania, I can only guess the breaking of the Streak is WWE's way to slowly ramp down the career of the Deadman and close the book on that chapter in WWE history. Since I've given my take on the two legends' face off at great length elsewhere, I'll let my opinion there speak for itself. but suffice it to say that the end is nigh.

I think the part of the last few Wrestlemania events that has bothered me the most has been just how long the intros, promos, spots, and other glitterized nonsense related to the match at hand takes and equally how lackluster the end result is once the bell has been rung for the victor. This glint is especially pronounced in every Undertaker match and just cuts down my ability to suspend disbelief. When my finger is always reaching for the fast forward to just get into the match, it's too much.

Mark Calloway is a legend, not because of his match quality, though it was decent for his prime. He's a legend because of his staying power. As the years went, he was able to take the adjustments the higher-ups passed along and work with it to reinvent his persona time and time again. I may not care much for his most recent work, including his performance this year, but at this point, his future spot in the Hall of Fame is now only a formality.

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