Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Going Global and an Homage....

Jeff Jarrett announced today that Global Force Wrestling is coming. Global Force Wrestling. I'd love to comment more concerning the details of this shadow promotion, but fact is, there are none. Seriously; no details of any kind aside from a name. Being my conspiracy theorist self, I still hold that we're looking at the reboot that raises the bar, but I STILL haven't the kind of evidence that most people would believe to sway. A few things would HAVE to happen for me to be completely sold on the entire enterprise. A few things that would be on the forefront IF Global Force were to replace the current TNA name:

1. Expect a MAJOR sale. If TNA is doing a reboot, they are going to HAVE to move all of their former merchandise out of the house. We're talking about 80 to 90 percent sales, folks. I'm not necessarily referring to star t-shirts per se, but ANY TNA Wrestling apparel with IMPACT WRESTLING or TNA WRESTLING as the marquee.

2. Expect a sharp turn in the storyline that suggests that MVP was a shadow investor filling in for the real mccoy. I would think that in order to bring a more cohesive sense to the table, Jarrett's Global Force would either take over and simply overrun the product at a new landmark PPV like Final Resolution.

3. Expect TNA to return to the 6 Sided Ring by Slammiversary. TNA is going to try to recover some of the lost fans from the golden days by bringing back former stars from that era, but they'll also be bringing back the ring that separated them from the pack in the first place.

4. Expect TNA to induct either AJ Styles or Jeff Jarrett as the Hall of Fame headliner for this year's Slammiversary. If EITHER of these guys is selected, I'll feel MORE than justified in believing my case to be argued for me.

5. Expect Dixie to regain control at some point for the face-off against Jarrett's incoming Global Force. I just don't see a story like this working unless a great deal is at stake and if Dixie is finally moved to the side to allow for Jarrett to work his magic, so to speak, I believe we'll see one of the best reality show type moves in professional wrestling history.

Now that my predictions for the IF's and HOW's is out of the way, there's another matter at hand that demands the attention of this site to add to the thousands of others on the net. TNAEnforcer extends condolences to the family of one of the most iconic performers of what I would consider the silver age; The Ultimate Warrior.

After the embarrassment Triple H suffered at the hands of the Warrior at Wrestlemania 12, I was surprised when he was announced as an inductee into this years' Hall of Fame....nevermind the fact that the Hall of Fame has been mired in controversy and political upheaval since its inception. However, in this case, I was overjoyed that this selection was made and that his name fell in line with an equally deserving set of inductees in Lita, Mr. T, Jake Roberts, and Razor Ramon in the number.

With all of that said, his loss this week was a great one in spite of so many years as a vehemently vocal critic of the wrestling business as a whole and a great many performers and talents in specific. In the short time he stood in ring on the big stage, he was an icon, a legend, and a role model for those who would dare to follow in his footsteps. So from this site to the members of the family he fostered....may he rest in peace.

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