Sunday, April 27, 2014

Is This For Real?

In an interview this week, Jeff Jarrett revealed that Global Force wouldn't officially launch until 2015; that includes programming (assuming they have that kind of deal in place), although live shows are rumored to begin in November or October of this year. I'm a fan of Jarrett, but this is something I just don't understand. What possible reason could there be in waiting so long to launch? With a massive team of investors, a vested interest in TNA, and a talent exchange partnership with promotions worldwide, what purpose could there be in delaying? All this does, in my mind, is create a false buildup for the promotion. Sure, some will tune in to the reality show they are calling "The Journey" to lead into the launch, but truthfully, I have no interest in seeing yet another reality show.

In news related to TNA directly, they have hired a talent agency to deal with negotiations for television time. Fact is, there are only a few months left on TNA's current deal with Spike. As happy as Spike has been with a consistent fanbase and viewership in the time span they've called TNA a partner, a broadcasting network has to be weighing their options when a show has this kind of problem breaking though the 1.0-1.2 ceiling. I happen to know that WWE has been sending out feelers to officials with Spike TV for one of their flagship shows. How does this affect TNA? I wish I knew.

Everyone seems to have their own spin on what needs to happen in order to break though, but it all comes down to fans. That's all there is to it. Marketing is nice, but it only works if fans respond. Money is nice, but it only matters if the changes made bring more fans to the party. See? It's all about the fans and we all know it. The invitation has always been out there to the Attitude Era fans and those who stopped watching when the power top tier of the late 90's-early 2000's began to wane.

TNA is too valuable a commodity to not have a television home somewhere. That said, even if Spike determines not to renew, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if an ambitious up and rising network snaps them up and tries to put some traction to their message. Would it compare with USA? Anything is possible. Back in the day, TNT was only a fledgling network, but once WCW joined the ranks, it was turned into a mega network in no time. In fact, once WCW went under, TNT was never the same. If WWE decides to make a switch to Spike once again, I have no doubt USA will want a professional will want to have another look at what TNA brings to the table.

On the other hand, if Global Force already has a spot filled on CMT or another comparable network, we could be looking at yet another special time in wrestling history, only this time with more legitimate players on the field vying for a spot on the docket. We may be even luckier than those who had the other big three back in the Monday Night War Era.....

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