Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Here's the premise for the column for today: Pick a man to serve as the next big World Heavyweight Champion AND a woman to be the next big Knockouts Champion. The two catches to the caper are that each must be:

a. Currently on the roster


b. A first time winner of each title.

MEANING, that this is strictly for the creation of a new champion and one who will carry their respective titles for AT LEAST 3 months moving forward. All that being said, I'll give two choices for each. Why? With the flurry of new talents coming and going, I'll be delivering a current talent and a wild card who could swoop in at any time. SO....as for the candidates?


Ethan Carter III- I like the guy. Seriously. He's what Randy Orton SHOULD have been from the beginning. The difference? The guy can really go AND has an awesome finisher to boot. Combine that with the fact that he has a politically charged character who has guaranteed heel heat just by using his name. It's priceless; not to mention that he plays it flawlessly.

Jesse Sorensen- If it's possible to see this guy make the return that I've been teasing for the past couple of weeks, he's my first choice as my wild card. Can he talk? What do I care? The guy has the story to solidify people into their seat AND the talent to make them stand to their feet as well.


Taryn Tarrell- She was TNA's ONLY choice as Knockouts Champion last year after her AMAZING outing with Gail Kim at Slammiversary and I completely agree. No one worked harder to get themselves into that spot than her. No one wanted to prove themselves more than her. Fact is, no one deserved it more than her. That's just my view.....

Rebel- You may not know her now, but you will. Her name is Justine Silver. What TNA has in store for her character is an unknown, but what I DO know is that she's got the goods in ring to throw down with the best of them. Rookie or not, Silver (Rebel) will put on a show to match Angelina, Gail, and whoever else has the notion of making a comeback.

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