Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wrestlemania and the Day After....

Some might call me obsessed, others would say I'm resolute, but whatever the case, I've been nothing but vigilant in trying to hijack facts concerning the "major" announcement tomorrow. The worst part in all of it is that there could be more players on board with this thing than ANYONE knows right now.

With the returns of Madison Rayne and Angelina Love along with the rumored returns of Jesse Sorensen, Taylor Wilde, and a mystery former champion, the facts seem to be mounting that TNA is more secure than ever in their dealings with TV. Think about this, folks:

- The person responsible the partnership with Wrestle-1, AAA, CMLL, and all the other wrestling promotions who have aided in the storylines concerning the departure of AJ Styles was Jeff Jarrett and AT LEAST one of those partnerships was threatened if Jarrett wasn't attached to the fulfillment of said agreements.

- In addition to the agreements and partnership with each of the aforementioned promotions leaves out, quite possibly the most critical standby of them all....New Japan Pro Wrestling. Why them? Sources ALL OVER the webs have been reporting that AJ Styles has signed a deal with them AND one former X Division and Tag Team Champion has been getting feelers from the top brass in TNA AND the Founder....coincidence? One of the conditions Styles had to the renewal in his contract was the resigning of the missing half of the Motor City Machine Guns....Alex Shelley.

- On the storylines, timing for this current program between MVP and Dixie is slated to run until sometime near the end of the year. Jarrett's announcements leading up to now have been that his new project is slated to launch right in that neighborhood of that time. Coincidence? Maybe, but I've also been bringing up the pesky little matter of Jarrett's 30-something percent of TNA's assets. I've been bringing this up over and over again. Why would Jarrett negotiate network rights, talent exchanges, funding cooperatives, and even produce logos and marketing solutions if it meant driving a death stake into his prized machine?

- In the most recent Q & A with Executive Vice President "Big" John Gaburick, among the many things he mentioned was a return of the 6 Sided Ring; a staple from 2003 until the end of 2009. In interviews dating back to 2010 with Jeff Jarrett, he mentioned the same thing, but his tone was far more cryptic, stating that a war was coming.

I'm not saying I'm right just yet, but if Jarrett's announcement is anything less than clear about his intentions concerning TNA as it relates to this new project, it seems a safe bet, to ME that we're looking at a reboot and a facelift.

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