Thursday, May 22, 2014

Is it the Fed or the Players?

In the mid 90's, I was a HUGE NBA fan. My team was Seattle. My player was Gary Payton. He was on my very first chase set trading card and I owned a jersey, which was a hard one to find where I lived at the time. I followed his career from Seattle to Milwaukee to Los Angeles to Boston and finally, to Miami where he FINALLY captured a ring before retiring. My favorite team was the Seattle Supersonics NOT for the franchise, but for just one player. When people say they followed the Chicago Bulls for Michael Jordan, I followed Seattle, Milwaukee, LA, Boston, and Miami for Mr. Payton.

Jeff Hardy was my Gary Payton wrestling counterpart. As it turned out, though, I was ALREADY watching TNA by the time Hardy came in, but when the news came to my door that Jeff Hardy, THE Jeff Hardy was going to be wrestling AJ Styles in TNA, my pulse hit the ROOF. Fast forward a decade and we're faced with something new. In the same way that Los Angeles, Boston, and Miami made it ultimately possible for Gary Payton to win a championship, Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and Global Force Wrestling are potential playing grounds for some of the most talented wrestlers on the planet thanks in no small part to TNA's foolish games of fiscal "chicken" at the negotiation table with their talents and the current scandal plaguing WWE involving stocks and losses and foul play as it relates to both.

When Hardy and AJ Styles faced off for the first time, I knew I had come across something interesting....something special. In news related to all of this, a pair of TNA's finest performers have been in talks with Ring of Honor, namely Bad Influence in its entirety. They come on the heels of AJ Styles' most recent defection, placing Kazarian, Christopher Daniels, AND AJ Styles under the same card confines, making it an automatic money making card, no matter where they find themselves on it....guaranteed.

The talent exchange wars are underway, folks, and right now it has become a race to lockdown as many decent talents under contract without breaking the bank and still try to make money in the offset of those leaving for other promotions. Where does everything land, however? THAT is the question to be answered in the coming months.

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