Friday, May 16, 2014

Point of No Return?

I've been watching. I've had my ear to the ground....but I have no idea what TNA's plan is. They hired a big name talent agency to scout and negotiate new network deals to secure their future on the domestic market, but in the process, they've allowed some contracts expire that have been major players in TNA's history, particularly of late. Kazarian, Daniels, Hernandez...I have to admit it, folks, I don't understand.

This blog began back in 2011, in the first successful year of the Hogan regime. During this time, a great  many critics claimed TNA would be going under, even though their revenues were up. Bear well in mind that Hogan, Sting, AJ Styles, Bad Influence, and a host of others were still on the TNA payroll. I have theories as to where things turned south, but the truth is, right now TNA is hobbling. Had the Carter family simply sold TNA back to Jeff Jarrett and the wrestling business conglomerate without the strings, we may be looking at a company better for it, but now, the money bags have gotten so tight that production crews have threatened to walk out unless their pay has been brought up to date. Granted, checks were cut before things got ugly, but the damage has been done, folks.

So the question on my mind tonight is simple...has TNA passed the point of no return? Sure they've lightened their load. Sure, they've made some good deals in the past few weeks with international players. Sure, they've sought out help in securing another tv deal once their run with Spike is over, but the truth of the matter is that without television, TNA is pretty much dead in the water. By the time TNA loses TV coverage, everything ends unless the Carter family sells, TNA finds itself another TV home, or they lose the confidence of the rest of their roster, whichever comes first.

To make this perfectly clear, I'm not calling for the death bells, but I AM saying that there must be a stop gap to prevent the Carter family from losing out on the entire investment made to keep TNA above water in the early days. Another question I've been grappling with is whether or not Jeff Jarrett would be willing to fold TNA into his Global Force Wrestling promotion even now, under the conditions TNA is currently faced with. That would mean buying out all contracts and libraries and basically everything he doesn't already own in terms of TNA stock.

Here's the long and short of it all, people....TNA isn't what they were 2 years ago and even less what they were 5 years ago, but they're still around. Is it possible to turn the nose of the plane back up? I happen to believe it's possible, but a few things HAVE to happen on the talent and format side of things in order to shore up the losses....those I'll put up next time AND I'll give you all the remaining portion of my mind on the subject of turning things around.

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