Friday, May 2, 2014

The Managerie......

It seems that right now, TNA is spending some time building up a most unlikely character. Why unlikely? Because this is a guy that hasn't been given a fair shake as a singles performer so far. He was shafted by WWE by being given a dead end character as a psycho ex-boyfriend of the then newbie Kelly Kelly and when TNA gave him a biker gimmick with the Aces and Eights, I was ecstatic because he really is a talented guy. I'm referring, of course, to Knux. The problem with the biker gimmick was that he was so overshadowed by the depth of the stable and the leadership thereof that even then, he didn't get the chance to shine. This time, however, all that will change.

The Managerie is TNA's newest stable and if things progress as I'm hoping they will, this could be something special. Because of the nature of the stable, a carnie roadshow of sorts, it invites a very cerebral group of people of potentially join in the madness. As for who I would pick as the stable side characters? THAT'S the fun part of this column.....

1. Willow....This one shouldn't surprise you, especially if you saw his pre-debut promos, which were genius, by the way in my humble opinion. If he is given the chance to speak on behalf of the Menagerie  on occasion, we'll be looking at a nice addition to the group.

2. Abyss.....If his entrance music doesn't lend itself to this group, I don't know what does. Besides that, if Knux is able to drag the dark brooding character back out instead of this whatever funk he's in now, I'm all for it.

3. Raven.....A dark carnie stable BEGS for Raven to be a part of it, even if only for a short time as an enforcer for the group. If his presence is brought in as punctuation for the story of the stable, using Lockdown as an example followed by Slammiversary or whatever they chose to use as a bookend PPV to feature him, I think fans would wildly welcome his House of Fun back for another round of anarchy.

4. Dr. Stevie....If TNA has burned their bridges with Daffney, that's a shame as her presence alongside Stevie Richards was one of my favorite little mini-feuds vs. Abyss. The dark carnie vibe would very much lend itself to what he was more than able to bring to the table. Provided that Knux would still be leading this faction and he was used as backup reinforcement in a punctuated way as with Raven, I think Dr. Stevie would be a nice return to put on the books.

5. Sami Callihan....I realize that he's already been signed with WWE, but that doesn't mean he'd be any less suited to this particular stable. He has the mic skills to serve as a right hand man of sorts.

Any one of these guys could provide a decent bit of support if TNA has the scruples to put this thing together the way it COULD be done. So far as we're aware, only 4 members are on the docket and for anyone who has been living underneath a rock, there is only ONE reason for TNA to EVER feature a put a spotlight on more people at once. From The New Church to Immortal to Aces and Eights, TNA has been running stables and factions since the beginning and with each new incarnation, there is also a new idea to put up to the litmus test of public opinion.

Had the Aces and Eights included the new members they were initially planning and if the story had run shorter, it could have been TNA's crowning jewel storyline, but when it felt as if the storyline was stalling for time, it grew old and stale, leaving little payoff once the big reveal was finally done. If TNA wants to have ANY success in the realm of stables, there MUST be a few rules they can follow in order to find their footing and have consistent results......THAT, however, is for another column.

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