Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Camping in the Newsroom....

With as much happening, it seems to me that I may have to follow the title of this column just to keep up with the sheer volume of the developments TNA is throwing at me right if you'll bear with me, we'll tackle them one little baby step at a time. If you've come here hoping to avoid spoilers, you'll be fine until about news bit number 3, until then, enjoy the ride......

1. TNA has just announced that Bound for Glory will emanate from TOKYO! I didn't stutter, people....we'll be watching the biggest PPV in the company either on delay OR live with a HUGE time difference. Is this a good idea? A fair question, but considering almost every outing has been described as somewhat of a half disaster. As forward thinking and progressive as TNA tries to be, they have some difficulty filling every arena they reserve. The thought, from inside, is that TNA's closest business ally, at the moment, Wrestle-1, could help bolster some numbers by reaching their outlets, which could be a good strategy, just not for those of us who WOULD attend if the show were closer to home.

2. The volume of returns and debuts continues to mount as more continue to be added on nearly a daily basis.  Does this mean positives coming down the pike? Could it mean that the Carter family are FINALLY willing to sink enough money to pay for prime time players, negotiate to bring back some they've lost, and do what will be necessary to secure their Thursday night timeslot on a reputable network? Here's hoping, but with who they've come into agreement with, I am being particularly cautious. And with THAT we come to the point where spoilers are unavoidable.

3. Team Dixie is getting help from some interesting sources. It seems that one of my own personal wishlist members of the TNA locker room has been snapped up, but with him comes one I have no use for in my formulation of TNA's future. Ezekiel Jackson has been picked up for a season. There is no word as to how long his tenure will last, but his presence does help balance a physique offset that Bobby Lashley creates. With him, however, comes Snitsky, whom I have NEVER had a liking for, but maybe that "isn't his fault." I don't see a future in his tenure, to be blunt, but again, no word has been released as to the length of the deal they reached.

4. In addition to these, FINALLY, we get to see some use being put to one of TNA's MMA investments.....King Mo joins the fray in a semi-active role on behalf of Team Dixie. Does this mean we'll even see a match? I wouldn't count it out, but given his track record thusfar, I'm not counting on full commitment either. And that's the problem here, folks. TNA is doing a decent job of trying to create a respectable roster and, for the most part, they've succeeded, but with every success (MVP, Tigre Uno, Brittney, etc.), there is a potential disaster waiting around the corner (Rebel, King Mo, MVP, etc.). Did I put MVP into BOTH categories? YES!

MVP getting injured nearly right out of the gate is NOT what TNA needs right now. If this becomes a problem, TNA is going to have to lighten him from their talent load quicker than the ink drying on his contract. Yes, his presence is an asset in terms of his ability to work a mic and carry a story, but that only extends so far as his ability to hold together long enough to bridge ring work with that innate mic ability. Long story short: He MUST remain healthy to make a difference on this roster. Period.

If the floodgates of news don't break open any further, we'll take some time to discuss Sting and AJ Styles in the next column, but I DO promise.....we'll get there, hang in there.

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