Sunday, June 29, 2014

DEVON!!!!!.....and the crowd joins in....

I can't believe it's coming. The writing was there, the moment was there, the players were in place, and it happened. I hope they plan on showing it. Seriously. Is there ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING that would spell out certain vindication better than the sight we may well see on screen in the coming weeks?

In the weeks of threats and power struggles and outright chaos, Dixie went too far, according to Bully Ray, and after many weeks of attempts, finally goes through with it and puts the TNA president through a table.

The question I have for this column right now is this.....could Dixie's bodily sacrifice actually put boosters on TNA's viewership audience? As a secondary stand-by question...does it earn Dixie Carter some much needed respect and brownie points with long time fans of TNA who have all but given up on things? As I can only answer for myself, I will only do just that. So without further ado, I say let's jump in.....

From the time Dixie decided to jump in and get her hands into the waters of the company her family purchased, I have tried to be her defender, but when she began eating into time on the show that could just as easily been given to a young upstart, it got MUCH harder. Apparently, we fans got to her, because one of the changes to the product, according to an interview, will be less grandstanding and more wrestling in ring. If this is punctuated by a spot like the one we're on the verge of seeing firsthand,  my hope in the product will be much more secure.....not to mention my faith in her ability to lead the product forward. Once a television deal has been either extended or renewed, I think we'll see something far more special than even the table spot of Dixie Carter...but either way, right now, she's earned back some of my trust.

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