Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More to Say, Have You?

So now, it's official.....the 6 Sided Ring returns in New York, joining Matt Hardy, Rhino, Tommy Dreamer, etc. The debate over whether or not it will be accepted when it does return wages on and another pair of names from WWE past are poised to make their way down the ramp for the competition, and these guys have my opinions twisted.

In the perfect stable, you have a main eventer or two, a second tier player, a specialty division player, and a tag team. We have MVP and Lashley on the top tier, Kenny King in the X Division, and right now, we're on the verge of TNA bringing in their tag team to fit the current heel faction, or at least potentially. They've held tag team gold before, but with the most recent round of WWE releases already over with, NOW they can reunite under a new banner. Sure, an immediate appearance could be a breach of the 90 day clause, but with a name like Crime Time, I doubt it would stop them.

That's right, the tandem could show up at virtually any time. So when the entire stable could become another Nation of Domination, why am I so mixed in my opinion of it? Mostly because it contains almost nothing but former WWE talents and I have said more than once that TNA needs their own creations to helm the controls at this juncture. Still, the thought of a coherent storyline that has the potential of forcing a faction war for the first time that forces every member of the roster to pick a faction to represent has me salivating. THAT is the kind of prospect I could build an entire PPV card around.

The questions I have concerning all the comings and goings are mounting, though....

- Is the influx of talents a short term arrangement or are we destined to see more debuts and returns as we bring Bound for Glory's season to a close?

- What happens when Global Force launches officially, having made press release statements aligning with both AAA and New Japan Pro Wrestling?

The question I've been asking since contract negotiations fell through still begs an answer.....
- Is TNA better or worse for the losses of Sting and AJ Styles?

I'll attempt to answer THAT question nearly 3 months after the fact in the next column, but until that time, keep watching for patterns.....

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