Tuesday, June 17, 2014

REALLY!? Could it BE?! For REAL this time?!

TNA has just announced an opportunity for US, their (mostly) loyal fans....we now have choice in where SOME of this is headed. If there has been an absent roster member TNA has been on my criticism radar for, it's the one member that has set it apart from every other promotion in the televised universe....the 6 Sided Ring.

But NOW we get to set the clock back, provided that everyone goes to Impact Wrestling's website and follows suit by voting for the return of the missing element in TNA's already steeped arsenal. For my hour each week, I HAVE to see this return in order for a fire to return to one division......the X Division. If there is ANY argument to attempt a dispute, I would remind everyone that TNA had the 6 Sided Ring from 2003 all the way until Genesis in 2010. Under this banner, EVERY match from the Best of the X-Division volumes including 2005's crown achievement.....the Triple Threat battle from Unbreakable between Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, and AJ Styles.

HOWEVER, with every bit of excitement, comes the bitter taste of the negative elements mostly consisting of elements like the World X Cup and Elevation X, among the other tourneys and gimmick matches TNA fans would love to see return to the promotion. Anybody remember King of the Mountain?

Having said my peace on the matter, I'd like to take another moment or two to continue in the spirit of returns to mention another name fans SHOULD be excited to see.....Taryn Tarrell, who was on par to win her first Knockouts Title before her plans were put on hold for nine months plus, a fact that I am happy she determined to carry out. In any case, Tarrell's feud with Gail Kim made her the breakout star of last year, in my humble opinion, highlighted by a Ladder Match and a KILLER performance at Slammiversary in a Last Knockout Standing Match. With her return imminent, it seems that if her poise remains unchanged from her trajectory last year, we will see some of her best matches yet against the current champion, Angelina Love.

Another return that, in my mind, is more welcome than not is the return of Devon. People can say what they want, but I've always been a fan of Devon and, particularly his character as a member of the Aces and Eights. Truthfully, I think that even though his bag of tricks wasn't particularly wide and varied, he held up quite well in spite of the sheer volume of hardcore matches he's been in over the years. One source I've read speculates that TNA has plans to bring back Beer Money to feud with the Hardyz and Dudleys for one night. I, for one, am COMPLETELY against this course of action as it negates the forward movement of a TNA up and coming tandem to get their break. Look, I get that the veterans are a draw, but they're also a resume bullet waiting to be loaded to fire whoever beats them into the top tier.

A match between Beer Money and the Wolves vs. the Dudleys and Hardyz sounds like a good idea, but unless it involves tables, ladders, and chairs, I'm not interested.

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