Monday, June 16, 2014

The Bully in the House of Hardcore......

A story broke about two weeks back that had me interested involving Tommy Dreamer and his House of Hardcore pseudo-promotion. Why do I call it a pseudo-promotion? Because the events are sporatic, at best, and though they draw decent crowds, those crowds cannot be sustained in a traveling format, at least as things stand at the moment. That said, over the past few years, TNA has had dealings with talent exchanges in the House of Hardcore "roster"of common attendees. This story, however, has to do with an invitation that was allegedly accepted and then recanted at the last moment.

Bully Ray was invited to the House of Hardcore event and then was "pulled" from the event by Dixie Carter and was, in turn, made a spectacle of at said event by the host, Tommy Dreamer. He blasted Carter in more than one form of media that night, including Twitter, saying in no uncertain terms that she had no clue how to be professional about this.

For about a week, when TNA said nothing in response, I wondered if there would ever be any kind of follow-up or fallout from the words said that night.....then I read the news that crossed my desk tonight....Dixie Carter sends out an invitation to Tommy Dreamer.

So Dixie Carter responded via Twitter that Tommy Dreamer is invited to attend this week's live Impact broadcast and vent his frustrations in front of the world. In my mind, this is good booking for TNA to acknowledge a smaller event and promotion base because it helps get the name out AND gives some positive spin on the story to boot. Couple that with an added layer of depth to a lacking weekly product and you have a good place to work from this week.

In other TNA news, it appears that Matt and Jeff will be reuniting for at least a night or two in New York's TNA tapings. I don't care who you are, this is a good thing for the company. Like them or not, the Hardy Boyz are history and, if coupled with a reunion of the Dudleys for a Bound for Glory match with a TNA homegrown tandem or the Wolves, it could be an AMAZING display and one worth the cost of the entire PPV.

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