Monday, June 16, 2014

Why Not?

We were given a couple of treats at Slammiversary this year, people. Let's be honest and put all cards out there: I KNOW Eric Young has that Daniel Bryan look to him, but to be fair, he DID do it first. He was rocking the beard even before the whole wedding with ODB thing a couple of years back. Fact is, if ANYONE calls this a copycat response to Bryan's push, you have it all wrong. The thing that has ME baffled, however, is why Eric Young is in the winners' circle while Christopher Daniels was put out? You know what? Nevermind that....really. I'm glad he's getting his just desserts....he's a funny guy and a talented performer inside the ring and out....a real class act as well.

To tell you the truth, he's starting to grow on me, which is something I didn't see coming. I saw Young as the kind of guy who could hold every title BUT the World Belt simply on his ring talent, but the thing that always held him back, I thought, was his gimmick....a goofy, zany, sometimes downright annoyingly animated bearded guy, unrefined and unapologetically so. The powers that be, however, didn't share the same opinion.

And now Team 3D has been inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. Okay, TNA...we get it. Kurt Angle, Sting, and now the Dudleys because Ray is still on the payroll and because they need another marquis name on the ticker. Why not AJ Styles? Why not Jeff Jarrett? Why not Ken Shamrock? This is the anthem from the more vocal fanbase tuning in each week. You know what? I see both sides of this thing. On the one side, there isn't a more decorated tandem in professional wrestling HISTORY than the Dudleys: FACT. On the other side, there are FAR more long term names that mean more to the brand in terms of their longevity. But then you HAVE to take into account their age.  Devon and Ray aren't in the up and coming category and, at least from my perspective, a Hall of Fame would feature performers in the twilight of their careers and THAT, my friends, is what the induction means.

So why not Jeff Jarrett? My guess is two fold. ONE: Jeff Jarrett has begun the establishment of a new competitive brand that will try and put up numbers against the TNA brand. And TWO: Even though Jarrett was a competitor for the brand, he is still the founder of the company and much the same way that Vince didn't induct himself into the Hall of Fame of late was because when you put the guy in responsible for the show, you automatically sabotage the class with the appearance of arrogance. I'm not saying I share that opinion, but in the eyes of TNA officials, it might make some sense.

I guess what I'm saying in all of this, folks, is why not? Sure, some of this might look something like what's going on across the pond, but the differences are still there and those differences MAKE this something special. Eric Young isn't a technical specialist as Bryan is, but he does hold his own and plays the underdog role well. Young is finally getting a chance to have fans backing him as a legitimate champion, so I say again....why not?

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