Monday, July 7, 2014

Clearance and Bundles.....

I've done all the math. I've crunched every number and I've discovered something absolutely landmark that every wrestling fan needs to understand. If there was ever a reason to check out TNA at this point in time, I declare clearance and bundles the BEST. Don't misunderstand me. The wrestling is great and the bulk of the storylines right now are noteworthy, but if you're not checking out prices on their merchandise, shame on you.

To illustrate, let's have a look at TNA's hottest ticket item....the Brown Bag Special.

A random t-shirt.....just give them a size.
4 random DVDs....all different
An action figure
A banner

Price? 25 bucks. That's it....let's do some comparison shopping right now....over in WWE-land we have.....

No bundles at all. Oh we can put a few things together; some rubber band bracelets and a t-shirt or two, but anything that compares? Please.....don't ask.

To be fair, WWE has some things on their list that make me salivate.....title belts for under 200 bucks? Yes, please. I'll take the RAW or Smackdown Tag Team Title belt or maybe the Intercontinental Title from the era pre-dating the PG era. Even a Smoking Skull Belt wouldn't be too shabby. The point is, I'd like a belt that looks NOTHING like the belts represented today on WWE's menu.

A replica Rey Mysterio mask? That's pretty cool, by my taste.

TNA, I have a question and it may involve a bit of a longer answer than you're prepared for....WHAT the HECK is up with you people and BLACK t-shirts? Mr. Andersons' shirts I get; I can even get behind some of the others, but when there are virtually no other colors represented on the entire site, my intelligence is becoming offended. I'd LOVE an old school white AJ Styles shirt, or even a gray, but now, all that remains on TNA's website, on a sizeable clearance section, I might black. I will say this, however, TNA put on sales ALL. THE. TIME. It makes it easy to get yourself clad in the apparel, watching the DVDs, or gawking at the calendars.

I've bought TNA's hot ticket....and it's very good.....why?
Because the price is right.

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