Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Green Light.....

I've gotten my retail tingle out of my limbs and can now get back to something far more important....wrestling news, rants, raves, and the world of the miscellaneous. For me, right now on the entirety of the wrestling landscape, only a couple of things strike me as legitimately interesting.

1. Chris Jericho is back, as mentioned in an earlier column, and is giving an upper tier climb to Bray Wyatt. As a character, I think the Wyatt concept is one that has yet to reach its potential, but as of now, it's interesting. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that Bray Wyatt is one of the precious few entertaining things in all of WWE right now. Combining the faction leadership with a gimmick as edgy as that is a fresh nod to some of the characters that made WWE into the juggernaut it is. While I'm all for bringing back Chris Jericho in ANY capacity as he can still make ANYONE look like a million bucks and doesn't have to ever win a match to maintain his ability to put a HUGE check on a young bucks' resume, I have to question this feud. Jericho vs. The Miz I can understand. Jericho vs. Cesaro I can understand. Jericho vs. any former member of The Shield....I get that. Wyatt, and broadening the scope to include the rest of the entourage has me scratching my head. Unless someone else gets a rub from the feud, I just don't see how this actually benefits Bray, in particular. A three on one beatdown and interference doesn't scream "victory" to me. It paints a weak picture of a man who COULD become a decent main event guy down the line. Not so good for business. Jericho brings out the best in a one on one battle, but three on one is too much for ANY one man and it has much more in common with a heel Triple H than an original persona, regardless how creative the origins may be.

2. TNA has been looking for a way to write off Dixie Carter as an onscreen persona for a few weeks now and, with the table spot I've been raving about for days, they've finally found a way to do just that. The irony in ALL of that is in one event less than 6 months ago. Toby Keith and Jeff Jarrett met with TNA officials to BUY the company. The condition? Dixie MUST remain an onscreen persona IF such a purchase would go through. Since Jarrett and company didn't want to have a sale with conditions, he passed and GFW moves into full force in the coming months. What many tried to avoid in all of this irony is to cause any physical harm to Dixie in her pursuit of the television character, but with the table spot, in spite of all the careful preparations and the efforts Ray went into the spot with, the unthinkable occurred and Dixie was injured. So ends the character for TV and cements the irony.

So the question I'd like to know the answer to is whether or not GFW could expect a partnership with TNA or if down the road, a merger could conceivably take place, putting every partnership involved (New Japan, AAA, Wrestle-1, etc.) into a very MASSIVE scale undertaking? On the surface of the question, I'm doubtful with the kind of bad blood amongst members of GFW (most of whom USED to be on the TNA payroll) and current TNA officials, BUT in light of TNA's decision to relegate Mrs. Carter to a less visible role in the company, I have no sure-fire way to answer the question one way or the other.

I WOULD like to explore the potential, but for now, I leave you with the question to ponder......

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